Blue Labradorite: Meaning, Mythology & Sources

Blue Labradorite comes in two primary forms, Dark Blue & Light Blue. 

Dark Blue Labradorite opens and activates the third eye chakra and throat chakra and helps to clear, activate, and energize the entire aura and energy field. Light Blue Labradorite supports intuition, psychic abilities, subconscious communication, and channeling. Labradorite is also a powerful protection stone, protecting against negative energy and transforming it into positive energy.

Dark Blue Labradorite is a stone of magic, bringing primal spiritual wisdom into manifestation. Light Blue Labradorite supports intuition, psychic abilities, subconscious communication, and channeling. Both are powerful stones that help you interact with your higher self (and higher selves) on a level where you can make affirmations that are in line with your truth—and manifest them in your life!

Labradorite energizing the entire aura. It is a stone of magic, bringing primal spiritual wisdom into manifestation. Labradorite is an extremely powerful protection stone, protecting against negative energy and transforming it into positive energy.

The Blue Labradorite Crystal is an opaque gemstone with an iridescent blue sheen. Metaphysically, Blue Flash Labradorite is a guide to your potential, a bright light on the path you are meant to follow. Long considered a stone of good luck in many cultures, electric blue labradorite is believed to bring the owner increased energy, enthusiasm, confidence and motivation. It is said to bring clarity and balance, stimulating mental activity and new ideas. Blue Labradorite has recently been heralded as a stone of awakening. Best known for balancing one's aura, Light Blue Labradorite also opens the wearer to spirituality and inner-awakening. The wealth of mystic lore associated with this gem may excite you or overwhelm you; but no matter your response, the energy raised by this stone will shift and change in color with the season.


Blue Labradorite

The beautiful blue hue of Gemstone Labradorite helps us find peace and calmness within ourselves. Labradorite is also a protective stone that brings healing and deflects negativity back to where it came from. It can also protect you from accidents and mishaps while increasing your energy, determination, courage and endurance. This unique labradorite is found in locations around the globe, including Canada, Poland, Norway, Finland, Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia and the United States.

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There are many different sources of Labradorite, but the most common ones are found in Brazil, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Captivating and vibrant, the Labradorite stone is a high vibration stone. It can help to clear your mind from unwanted thoughts, and assist in bringing order to chaos.  It has been known to help with astral projection, and can be placed on your body for chakra balancing.  


Blue Labradorite Stone

Labradorite is a stone of magic, mystery and illusion. It is an excellent talisman for shamans who wish to access the deeper dimensions of reality through astral journeying. It encourages people to get in touch with their "inner knowing" and increases their psychic abilities. In antiquity, the stone was considered by ancient travelers to be a good luck charm when accompanied by rose quartz and citrine.

Peacock blue labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. Metaphysically this crystal connects to both hemispheres of the brain, and enhances analytical abilities. It has been known to bring clarity to situations and provide an uplifting sense of hope, when things seem their darkest.

Blue Labradorite Crystal

Blue Labradorite Crystals are manifestation stones. It energizes any environment and helps manifest your dreams and aspirations quickly. Blue Labradorite Crystal Meaning: Labradorite helps you to know the truth and to see beyond illusions, improving discernment. Promotes creativity, ingenuity, originality, survival instincts and agility. This powerful Stone of Abundance, Intuition and Manifestation is a unique member of the Feldspar family. Labradorite forms in fibrous intergrowths of Feldspar and Quartz, with inclusions of black manganese.


Blue Labradorite Properties

Blue Labradorite is a stone of protection, enhancing spiritual awareness and psychic gifts. This rare blue stone helps you to work through your fears, so your higher self can be revealed. Labradorite is an empowering stone with a high creative potential that can unleash the forces of achievement and action in ourselves. It brings vitality, strength and clarity to the mind. Mined in Canada Labradorite is found in many magnificent shades of blue. According to lore Blue Labradorite helps strengthen intuitive abilities and it is especially good for stimulating creativity. Expand your possibilities. Strength and courage are needed when working with this potent crystal. By seeing things at their very best you will be able to make those vital changes that have been long overdue...."

Blue Flash Labradorite Properties

Labradorite is a calming stone, used to banish fear and restore your faith in yourself and the world around you. Labradorite is great for manifestation work and can help with building confidence and motivation. It helps bring up buried emotions that are causing blockages in your life, so that you can heal them, making room for positive energies to fill the void.

Blue Labradorite is a high vibrational stone that can help you get in touch with your fears and vulnerabilities, allowing you to see them as they really are-events that just happened once but have taken on a life of their own in your mind. You'll be able to release those fears and lean into the fulfillment of your desires, knowing that this soul growth makes you all the more powerful.

Blue Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite is a member of the feldspar family of gemstones and gets its name from the Labrador region where it was originally found. When light hits this stone, it bursts into a dazzling display iridescence, often compared to the phenomenon of oil on water. The most notable trait of labradorite is its color shifting quality. It looks cobalt blue in some light and greenish blue in others. The variation between two hues is dependent on the angle of view.

Blue Flash Labradorite Meaning

Blue Labradorite is a stunning double refraction labradorite that has been popular to be used in jewelry. The blue refraction adds an air of mysticism, and spirituality. Blue Labradorite empowers one to "listen" to and connect with the realm of Spirit. It is helpful in opening and maintaining psychic abilities, tapping into intuition, and enhancing spiritual protection and guidance. Some people also use Blue Labradorite in meditation, as it truly makes one feel as if they are on a higher vibrational level, even before their meditation begins. Blue Labradorite can also be worn as jewelry, or otherwise displayed, for its vibrational resonance.

Blue Labradorite Healing Properties

Big and bold, light yet powerful. Blue Labradorite. Intense, electric energies strike this stone with a force of nature, generating the similar electrical energy our bodies produce. It is a reminder that we are alive and must take responsibility to embrace life's most awesome experience. It celebrates playfulness and achievement.

Blue Labradorite harmonizes with all of the chakras. It draws out negative energy and enhances positive energy, making it a powerful energy stone to aid in meditation, decision making, and manifestation of goals. Since Labradorite carries a strong vibration, it may be helpful for those who need more energy. This crystal is most noted for its ability to provide serenity and clarity of mind.

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