Amethyst Properties


Amethyst: Stone of Spiritual Transformation

Royal, luscious, rich, seductive, vibrant, alluring! All these adjectives and more describe the exquisite purple color of an amethyst. Amethyst is extravagance in purple form.

Amethyst brilliant purple color is as magical as it is seductive. In fact, this gemstone of all gemstones is said to be one of the most powerful protector stones.

Amethyst is one of the stones to assist in raising and protecting the vibration of humanity.

Amethyst Throughout History

Amethyst has been a jewel coveted by spiritual leaders and royalty for thousands of years. This is why the color purple has been associated with royal society throughout the ages.

It has been said that Moses said that amethyst was a symbol of the Spirit of God and it was listed as one of the twelve gemstones in the High Priest’s breastplate where it representing one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Sumerians and Babylonians as well as the Egyptians were said to wear amethyst amulets for protection. Some are in museums today. Throughout many Christian sects, amethyst rings were traditionally worn as a sign of rank and many of the clergy believed that amethyst helped to bring the faithful to God. Many also thought that only the very highly spiritual and moral were worthy of wearing amethyst. The ancient Chinese often stored spices, balms and healing ointments in carved amethyst bottles.

The Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for it. Napoleon captured the Amethyst best of Roman Emperor Trajan in Berlin during his conquest.

So whether is was 3000 years ago or today, people around the world though Amethyst was a very special stone.

Amethyst has quite a long history with many religious practices. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there are instructions given for placing heart shaped Amethyst on the body of the deceased; the specific shape said to help transition with peace to the next realm. Within the Christian church, especially the Roman Catholic church, it was known as a gem of purity and associated with Bishops who traditionally wear them set in rings. It is also the stone of Buddha and is quite popular to use for Buddhist prayer beads, more prominently in Tibet.

The Chaldean Magi believed that Amethyst was a powerful stone that protected against evil sorcery as well as bringing success and good luck to the bearer. It has long been believed to grant a deeper understanding of the hidden knowledge of the universe.

At one time in China, pieces of Amethyst were often rented to those involved in legal lawsuits. The stone was said to attract a favorable outcome and a positive outlook. Amethyst became extremely popular in the mid fifteenth centuries as an amulet often worn by soldiers. It was thought to protect against not only injury or death, but also to repel or control evil spirits.

What are the Scientific Properties of Amethyst?

Mohs Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure.

Crystalline Quartz is the general stone which we call Amethyst. As Amethyst it ranges in color from lilac to deep purple. The deeper colors are generally more valuable, and at one time were more valuable than diamonds. The actual crystal hold the properties for Citrine well. When heated by nature the crystal that is a portion Citrine and a portion amethyst is known as Ametrine. This is a natural and authentic nature made stone found only a few locations. There have been gem dealers known to artificially heat the Amethyst causing it to turn yellow in full or in part then selling the altered stone as Ametrine or Citrine . It is also possible to heat the stone to a lovely shade of green, which is called “green amethyst”. This practice is frowned upon, yet happens still.

Amethyst is mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina, as well as in several African countries. Generally, larger sizes are to be found in South America although Africa is reputed to have the more sought after deeper color in smaller sizes. The darker Amethyst, more often in smaller sizes is also found in Australia.
Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Stone of “Spirituality and Contentment” Amethysts are known to have a wonderful soothing and relaxing effect on all people in its vicinity. It calms fears, lifts spirits, raises hope, helps to control negative thoughts as well as soothing anger and impatience. With these properties it is a wonderful addition to a room or work area where one may have to deal with unhappy, awkward or unkind visitors.
Known as “change stone” it holds trans mutational energies allowing and assisting opening gateways into intense and transformational spiritual experiences. It is said to be able to bring about any type of change in your life or consciousness in a calm and soothing manner; breaking up old emotional thought processes it even assists in grounding in your psychic health where major change is required. When worn, it will ward off guilt and self-deception, assisting in overcoming addictions, and curb overindulges.

Quickening the mind, Amethyst promotes shrewdness and gives victory in business matters, bestowing good judgement, and lending courage to the wearer. It is a powerful amulet for travelers both physical and psychic, protecting against thieves, sickness, danger, harm and, protection from black magic as well as psychic attacks. It promotes an understanding of the spiritual reality behind our lives, and protects against the dangers of the journey.
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What are the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Amethyst from Ancient Lore?

This is one stone that, much like clear Crystal Quartz, was indispensable to healers. Amethyst is a spiritual stone, a stone of peace, with absolutely no known negative effects. Though powerful as single stones, they are quite beneficial in clusters. The larger cluster (especially unpolished) is powerful enough to cleanse other stones of their negative energies as well as recharging them. It is an especially excellent stone for absent healing.

If you are drawn to Amethyst it may indicate that you are feeling exhausted, stressed, or are experiencing recent difficulties and will need to use the stone to grant yourself gentle love until your energy flows free once more.

Placed under a pillow or worn during sleep it will help prevent nightmares and ward off insomnia. It will bring peaceful yet more psychically charged sleep. If placed on the temples or the point of pain from a headache or migraine, it will soothe, relax and reduce the pain. Regular headache sufferers are generally afflicted by anxiety or nerves; these will often subside if an Amethyst geode or slice/cross section is placed in the room that much time is spent. Amethyst is a natural soother of the mind and emotions, it helps to relieve the “scattered” feeling, helping to focus and keep control of the faculties. It is also used to help improve concentration by assisting to develop the creative/right side of the brain. Known to calm emotional disorders.

Amethyst was thought to tune the endocrine system by helping to boost the production of hormones and balancing the body’s metabolism. Told to strengthen the entire immune system by cleansing the blood which in turn helps to strengthen the cleansing of the organs of the body. This cleansing in turn assists with cellular disorders as well as disease of the digestive tract; including regulating the flora of the intestines and encouraging the reabsorption of water. With the purification of the blood comes reduced bruising, injuries and swelling.

Amethyst will increase blood flow as well, which in turn assists in different types hearing issues, including tinnitus, helps to relieve eye strain, and maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Additionally, the ancient stories say those who wear an Amethyst necklace are told to fascinate others with their pleasing personality and wonderful charisma. Heart shaped Amethysts are sometimes exchanged between couples to enhance the depth and longevity of their love and happiness; strengthening their connection.

What Are the Magical Properties of Amethyst?

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
Bacchus, Dionysus, Diana
Powers: Dreams, Psychism, Peace,Love, Courage, Happiness
Candle Color: Purple/Dark Blue

Amethyst is said to attract justice and protect against burglars and thieves. It also wards off danger and violent death. It is told that by transmuting evil energy into love, it guards against psychic attack. It is one of the few stones used specifically for males to assist in attracting females.

Amethyst increases the activity in the right brain, cuts through illusion, and helps to develop the psychic abilities. It strengthens and develops intuition, inspiration, healing, and channeling as well as raising thoughts and aspirations to a higher spiritual level. With meditation is strengthens/develops intuition, inspiration, spiritual healing and channeling as well as raising thoughts to a higher spiritual level developing a deeper connection for clairvoyance and clairaudience. If used on the center of the brow during meditation if will bring you to a higher spiritual level to bring forth memories of past lives and world connections. Wearing Amethyst on the left wrist will heighten spiritual levels and assist in enabling one to foresee.

Store a small piece of amethyst with your divination tools (tarot cards, runes, etc.) to keep the power of the divination tools high as well as strengthening your intuitive powers while using your tools. Using an Amethyst pendulum will aid in personal decision making when using a yes/no table or response method.

Recharge Amethyst under the light of the moon rather than sunlight, as sunlight may fade the color of your stone. A large unpolished piece of Amethyst (or geode, or a grouping of smaller pieces) will cleanse and restore energies to any other crystal you have used for healing, divination or protection.

What are the Zodiac/Astrological Properties of Amethyst?

Zodiac Stone of: Pisces, Scorpio and Sagittarius
Associations: Jupiter & Neptune/Water
Birthstone: Traditional Birthstone for the Month of February.
Amethyst is ruled by Jupiter; in ancient writings on astrology Jupiter is associated with Amethyst and connected with the ninth house, or Sagittarius. But often in more current writings it is associated with Neptune which is also associated Pisces. The American National Association of Jewelers adopted Amethyst as the modern birthstone for February in 1912. It is also a Talismanic stone for the sign of Scorpio

What are the Chakra Healing Properties of Amethyst?

Placed on the 7th, or Crown Chakra during meditation, amethyst increases concentration and confidence in life.

Amethyst is considered the 7th, or Crown Chakra healing stone, as it cleanses the aura it also balances the subtle physical, mental and emotional bodies by linking them to the spiritual body.

Amethyst is a good touchstone, a stone to keep in your pocket and rub several times a day for it’s uplifting energy, or you can wear it on a chain around your neck, against your skin to stimulate the throat chakra as well.


Properties of Clusters

Clusters are crystals grouped on a common matrix. Where there is no matrix the crystals bridge together. Crystal Clusters encourage a sense of community, creating harmony and removing negativity from its environment, whether that is on a body or in a room.

The intrinsic group energy of clusters easily removes blockages and strengthens the all the chakras. The same properties make them the first choice for cleansing and activating other healing stones. Clusters sometimes contain many metaphysical formations, their properties all working together harmoniously.

Clusters can be used in your home or office to keep the metaphysical energy moving. If you do regular space clearings, place them in corners, where energy easily becomes trapped, while you work.

Amethyst Cluster Gallery


Properties of Amethyst Spheres

The sphere represents completion, fullness, the realization of all possibilities. It has no beginning or end.

To carve a sphere one must cut away a mass of crystal which can be as much as ten times the finished creation. A sphere symbolizes all that we need to release in order to reach the realization of our own innate perfection.

In feng shui, the ancient art of creating optimal energy flow in an environment, disharmony is created by sharp angles and edges. In that context a sphere is the most harmonious form possible. Because of its balancing energy it is ideal to place in the center of a room (called the T'ai Chi). It's also the perfect centerpiece for a crystal arrangement or for an altar.

Decoration with a purpose: Place a gemstone sphere in a room or on your bedside dresser or office desk to emante a particular energy that you feel is needed. For example, a rose quartz sphere at your bedside surrounds the room with love. A crystal ball will cleanse the room of negativity, while a jasper sphere will emanate protection. Bring money to your business with a malachite sphere

Because it has no beginning or end it can place us very much in the here and now. I find that holding a sphere while I meditate helps me to release worry and take me to a deeper state.

Amethyst-Ametrine Sphere Gallery

This is one stone that, much like clear Crystal Quartz, is indispensable to many crystal lovers. Amethyst is a both spiritual stone and a powerful protector stone.
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