Manifesting with Crystals-Discovering the Best Crystals for Manifesting

Imagine Living Life With the Abundance You Always Wanted.
This is the ultimate online guide to help you harness the natural power of crystals to help you achieve the things in life you desire.

Manifesting with crystals is not difficult. People have been using crystals for thousands of years all across the world to manifest what they want. You don't need any special skills or talent. You simply need to understand which crystals you need and follow the right process.

People often fail at manifesting with crystals because they use an ineffective process. They buy the right crystals, but don't use the right techniques to manifest what they want.

Below, we show you a better, more effective way.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is an ongoing process of creation that helps shape the fundamental energy of the universe. It is not something you do once, then sit back and wait for the outcome. It is a process. The saying `what goes around, comes around' embodies the basic concept of manifesting.

Some people seem to believe that it is the universe's task to give them what they want - to respond to their demands for `more money', `more love', `a better life'. They look to something `out there' to create on their behalf.

This is the wrong way of looking at the process of manifesting.

Some think manifesting is a newage concept that got popularized by best selling book "The Secret" in 2006. But, people have known about the process of manifesting for thousands of years. James Allen wrote about the power of Manifesting in 1903. The Christian Science Monitor Claims James Allen's book, As a Man Thinketh is one of the 10 Best Self-Help Books of all time[1]. Even further back, the I-Ching [2] talks about the process of manifesting and that book was writen in the 9th Century BC.

We all manifest every second of every day. With each thought, emotion and belief that passes through us, we create and shape our reality. The secret is to bring this process under your conscious direction. Some people subconsciously self-sabotage themselves and their efforts to achieve their dreams and desires.

A well known expert of the topic, Jose Silva, Broke down Manifesting into a 4 step process[3].

1) Desire: learn how to channel your desire to live the life you want.

2) Believe: learn how to eliminate the negative beliefs holding you back and how to start believing in yourself like never before

3) Connect: learn how to connect with your energy, your emotions, and the energy around you to accelerate your Manifesting.

4) Expect: learn how to get rid of self-sabotaging behavior and get real results.

What is even more important is that people have been collecting, studying, and prizing the power of crystals for thousands of years before the I-Ching was written, 2900 years ago. So manifesting with crystals has been practiced and refined for a very long-long time.

In the next section, below, we discuss how to start getting better results with manifesting. Then later in this guide we can jump right into showing your which crystal to use for our specific goals.

So without a guided meditation process, your manifesting depends on your innate abilities and manifesting talents. This is the first step to understand.


If self-sabotage is a real problem for you, we suggest chakra healing exercises with yoga or crystals. We prepared a great guide for Chakra Healing in the Charka Healing Section on our website. We prepared this section to help you to align your subconscious with your conscious goals. To tackle these Challenges, we suggest using crystals to help heal the chakras (your energy/light body) if you are struglling with Self-Sabotage. Then focus more specifically on the specific things you want to manifest.

Getting Results

The rewards for using an effective manifesting process are special. Ritual, Mindfulness, and Affirmation will help you reach the better you that exists inside. Using crystals with the proper focus will help you break through the fog of doubt and energetically tap into the world of abundance exists around all of us.

In the right hands, crystals can be like rocket fuel that will help you break the chains of the past and accelerate you to a higher plane of living.

To help with the manifesting process, we developed the Free Downloadable Guide in the section below.

The first step to being a better manifester is to realize you can focus your thoughts and resultant energy influences the world around you. Your mind is a powerful tool. It can reshape your future and connect you to insights and opportunities you never knew existed. There have been numerous scientific studies that prove this to be true. You can read, Mindfulness by Ellen Langer of Harvard University[4] or The Intention Experiment: by Lynne McTaggart [5] the famous author of the ground breaking book, What Doctors Don't Tell You: for an in-depth scientific review of this powerful idea if you any doubts.

The importance of focus is why mindfulness, ritual and meditation are important tools for manifesting. The right practices can help you break the chains holding you back and help turn you into a manifesting powerhouse.

Why People Fail

When people try manifesting with crystals they often fail for two reasons:

  • Their Desire is strong, but their belief is weak so they sabotage themselves.


  • Their Desire & Belief are good, but their connection to the world of energy around their is weak, so they can't see what the universe is truly offering them.

What Most Often Stops People from Manifesting

  • Quite simply it is the made up rules people decide to live their lives by.

You may not realize it, but many of our thoughts and values were not develop through logic and reason, but though simply observing how others act and what they believe. Children take on the values of their parents. Teens take on the value systems of the people they look up to and spend time with. People at work often take on the attitudes of their workmates.

Many of the mindless rules people live by are life crushing and are a major source of why there is so much unhappiness in this world. Ellen Langer of Harvard University documented this quite powerfully in her book Mindfulness Mentioned above.

What to do to become a better Manifestor

We all manifest every second of every day. With each thought, emotion and belief that passes through us, we create and shape our reality. The secret is to bring this process under your conscious direction. Some people subconsciously self-sabotage themselves and their efforts to achieve their dreams and desires.

The secret of good manifesting is truly giving in to the process. To do this, you have to strip off the layers of conditioning, the toxic emotions and negative background thoughts and focus on the process. This is easily done through meditation and practice.

If you have an emotional investment in the outcome or have a hidden negative bias, then your manifestation is doomed to fail from the start. Emotional investment in the result blocks the flow, because it demands that the outcome is exactly what you envisage, which may not be for your highest good. So learning to let go is yet another manifesting secret, as is being open to receive.

Once you take a step back and look at things in a more objectively, you will regain control of the manifesting process. There are only two simple ideas that if you decide are truly harness them will dramatically change your manifesting power and the life you will lead in the future. They are:

  1. We are all intuitive beings (which means we have gut instinct and can sense things intuitively) and
  2. Our perceptions create the reality we live in


What do we mean by this. 1) We are able to interpret the world and make decision based on gut feelings and not logic and reason alone. This allows us to connect to the world around us and receive an intuitive understanding from it. 2) Our thoughts shape our reality.


If self-sabotage is a real problem for you, we suggest chakra healing exercises with yoga or crystals. We prepared a great guide for Chakra Healing in the Charka Healing Section on our website. We prepared this section to help you to align your subconscious with your conscious goals. To tackle these Challenges, we suggest using crystals to help heal the chakras (your energy/light body) if you are struglling with Self-Sabotage. Then focus more specifically on the specific things you want to manifest.

The Crystal Connection

Everything needs a structure through which to manifest, especially the subtle energies of thought and intention. With their crystalline matrix, crystals absorb, hold and radiate energy and, perhaps more importantly, have been used as part of the manifesting process for thousands of years.

Each crystal has its own unique power, which can be harnessed to manifest your deepest desires. Our world is made up of consciousness: energy and matter. Light, sound and vibration underpin creation. Everything resonates at different frequencies, and crystals can bridge those frequencies, bringing your consciousness into harmony with whatever you seek.

Before your can go down this path you must understand and be able to visualize your energy body in order to have conscious control of this process.

Our Energy/Light Body - Our Higher Self

Our energy body can transcend time and space, moving effortlessly beyond our three-dimensional world, seeing past its illusions and delusions, into a place where everything is possible and our potential is unlimited. If you get into the habit of noticing all the small ways in which your manifestation works, you will soon come to recognize the amazing magical potency of your true self.

Your Crystal Meditation to Strengthen Your Energy Body

You can use any crystal you like for this process. We suggest Quartz Crystals.

  1. Hold your crystal in your hands and feel its energy radiating out into the manifestation chakras (energy linkage points between the physical and subtle bodies (see Crystals and Their Linkages to Your Chakras) in your palms.
  2. Feel how this energy activates your magical self — the part of you that can see so much further than the everyday self; the part that is all-powerful, wise and all-knowing; the part that can move through time and space.
  3. Expand into this magical self, welcoming and embracing it. This is the you that you truly are. Now send that magical self out to the universe.

Crystals for Manifestation-Focusing Down to Your Real Needs Is the Key

When using Crystals for Manifestation, focused intention is thought that is purposefully directed toward whatever you seek to manifest. Holding an intention is different from willing something into being. Maintaining mental and emotional detachment from the outcome assists in manifesting process.  This is the best way to use a Crystal for Manifestation. Remember, without clarity of intention, your manifesting cannot function.

Choosing Crystals that Match Your Goals

For thousands of years people have been wearing crystals to transform all areas of their life, from love & romance to wealth & abundance to increased insight & Intuition. Crystals have always been more than just an item denoting status—they've been a source of power that helps the possessor to turn their innermost dreams to turn into a reality.

The Reason Why
The manifesting power of crystals lies in their ability to collect, focus and transmit the energy of your intent.

You may be wondering what are the best crystals for manifestation. So we prepared this section to quickly find the best crystals for manifesting (crystal for fulfilling wishes) a wide range of popular desires including: Good Luck, Wealth & Success, Calmness & Serenity, Confidence & Inner Strength, Creativity, Safety & Protection, Insight, Intuition, Guidance, Love & Connection, New Beginnings, and more. Just scroll down to the quick navigation below to reach the section that your most interested in.

Using the right crystals to manifest your intention is critical. This is why we developed this clear and concise guide below to help you choose the right crystals.

To Learn More Choose Your Intention Below


Crystals for Abundance, Wealth & Success Manifesting Intention 

For these intentions there are two crystals you need to own. It is your go to crystal for Abundance and Wealth. Citrine is a crystal of optimism and joy. You’ll find the Abundance & Wealth you’ve been seeking with the radiant energy that come from Citrine. It harnesses the energy of the sun and shines a positive light on all your hard work and effort.

Abundance and Wealth doesn’t always come easy, but with Citrine in your corner, you can approach any problem with a more joyful and positive perspective.

If you want to attract good fortune and success into your life, Jade is a must-have for your gem collection. For thousands of years, Jade has been a symbol of good fortune. It’s been used for centuries as powerful lucky charms like the Jade Buddha.

When you add the complementary energy of other stones like Pyrite or Tiger's Eye, you’ve got a crystal powerhouse of wealth-attracting vibrations.

Other crystals that aid in Manifesting Abundance, Wealth & Success:

  • Green Aventurine
  • Clear Quartz
  • Amazonite
  • Moss Agate

Whether on their own or paired together, these prosperity crystals help give you the focus and confidence you need to tackle any challenge in life.

Crystals for Calmness & Serenity

When your Intention is to achieve calmness and serenity in this anxious or stressed out world, you need the calming, soothing tranquility of Blue Lace Agate. When you combine this with the protective power of Lilac or Rich Purple Amethyst, you have a powerful duo of crystals that can help take you to a calmer state of mind.

Another crystal that is gaining a lot of popularity for anxiety and stress relief is Lepidolite. The lithium within lepidolite is ultra stabilizing. Whether it’s addiction, stress, obsessive thoughts or another type of negative pattern you often fall into, the lithium within lepidolite will stabilize your emotional state. Lepidolite helps you form a new approach to life with patterns of positivity, tranquility and harmonious essence.

Other crystals that aid in Manifesting Calmness & Serenity

  • Celestite
  • Fluorite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Angelite

Crystals for Confidence & Inner Strength

Confidence and Inner Strength are wonderful Intentions that will help you achieve all sorts of amazing results. But, when either is a bit lacking, your life can get very challenging. Sometimes a little boost in confidence or inner strength can have a huge impact on your life. In fact people throughout the centuries have often searched for things from the earth to “give them strength.”

What they found are crystals like Carnelian, Citrine, and Sunstone (all crystals connected to the Sacral Chakra) are great crystals for Confidence and Inner Strength. Moonstone is also another powerful crystal for this Intention as well.

Other crystals that aid in Manifesting Confidence & Inner Strength:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Hematite
  • Sunset Aura Quartz

Crystals for Creativity

In some ways you can say confidence and creativity are interrelated. So similar crystals related to the Sacral Chakra help you with creativity. Great crystal choices for this Intention are Carnelian and Tiger Eye.

Other crystals that aid in Manifesting Creativity:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Hematite
  • Sunset Aura Quartz

Crystals for Grounding & Protection

Life is full of challenges and negative energy from others. And these things can hold you back if you don’t protect yourself from their threat. So when your Intention is Grounding & Protection, Negative Energy abosorbing dark crystals come front and center. That is why powerful crystals like Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Tourmalated Quartz have been used by people for hundreds of years to protect themselves and ground them. These protection stones give you the power and support you need to feel secure in your efforts of transformation.


Other crystals that aid in Manifesting Grounding & Protection:

  • Black Kyanite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Red Jasper
  • Petrified Wood
  • Lapis Lazuli

Crystals for Insight & Intuition

Life is just better with when you see things with more insight and have greater spiritual enlightenment. It give you focus and perspective to overcome many of life's challenges and lead you on a more positive path.

Intuition plays a vital part in our everyday lives. Many people think of it as a moment where you instinctively know if something is right or isn’t right, or an inner voice that just knows. But it is so much more than that. Our intuition bridges the gap between our instincts and our reasoning, between the unconscious and conscious mind. It’s not just about trusting your gut. It’s about listening to the signs and symbols we don’t often pay attention to; the universe’s ways of guiding us. It’s time to tap into your intuition and become more aware of how the universe communicates with you through it.

Using healing stones and crystals can enhance and deepen your intuition sensing. When you are choosing the crystals for intuition that will work best with you, go with the one that you are the most attracted to. Don’t question why you are the most drawn to it or overanalyze the meaning of the crystal. Trust your intuition through this process and let this be your first intuitive decision.

Crystals that aid in Manifesting Insight & Intuition:

  • Amethyst
  • Labradorite
  • Aquamarine
  • Sodalite
  • Quartz Crystal

The ones You are most attracted to are be the ones will that work best for you.

Crystals for Love & Connection

Finding Love and Connection is often a tricky thing. The reason is that you must be a magnet for love by radiating love out to the world, and you need to be ready to receive it return. It is a tricky balance of energy flows. Manifesting Love does not involve trying to make someone Love you. You manifest because you are loving, not because you command it. The trap that prevents most people from recieving Love is that that don't Love themselves and end up in harmful relationships or become alone and isolated.

So Intention Crystals for Love & Connection need to be special crystals that help magnify the energy flow of the Heart Chakra. Forttunately, this has been studied for a long time. Attracting Love, Gaining Strength, and Seeking Protection where probably the first reasons people thousands of years ago started studying the unique powers of crystals.

Companionship and connection are important needs for everyone. So you are looking for a crystal with empathic energies to help you love unconditionally, not expectantly, and forgive yourself and others. There are two great crystals for this, Rose Quartz and Emerald. These crystals opens the hearts of both you and others around you.

Connected to the Heart Chakra these crystals, Rose Quartz & Emerald are tender and passionate, amorous and nuturing, and profound emotional healers. So when your intention is to Manifest Love & connection, either of these crystals are the best manifesting stones to have.


Crystals that aid in Manifesting Love & Connection:

  • Rhondonite
  • Garnet
  • Amazonite
  • Mangano Calcite

Crystals for New Beginnings - New Horizons

Are you in search of a new path in life? Need an all-over spiritual reset? Or you’re wanting of an emotional facelift, people have found these 4 crystals below are great for helping one change course to a better path and new horizons.

Guidance, insight, and calming energy are the cornerstones of new beginnings, and these special crystals have those qualities as well as a connection to the divine. Life changes and growth can be challenging, but one must continue to move ahead and trust the universe. Crystals emmbracing this cosmic energy will help you to do that with an open heart and focused mind!

If Your Manifesting Intentions are to use healing crystals for New Beginnings, Your focus must be on enhance and deepen your intuition sensing. Trust your intuition through this process and let this be your first intuitive decision.

In order to achieve a new beginning, you need to open your energy field and enhance your intuition. This is how opportunities that you didn’t see before will suddenly appear and create paths for new beginning and new horizons in your life. So there are 4 different crystals what will help you achieve this:

  • Amphibole Quartz
  • Golden Healer Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Labradorite

Your Intiution will guide you in picking the right crystals that work best for you. So let Your spirits fly and trust the new found Insights developed by your enhanced Intuition fueled by these Powerful Manifesting Crystals.

Using Quartz to Amplify Your Wishes

Quartz is the perfect crystal to support your Manifesting process. This crystal absorbs, generates, amplifies and releases energy as appropriate, and is excellent for holding a manifestation activation.

Crystal quartz is very clear and translucent in its appearance and therefore it is the manifestation of light and clarity in the material realm. It symbolizes our striving for perfection in our inner growth and raising our consciousness toward higher levels.

Astrologically crystal quartz represents the properties of the Sun (light) and Saturn (crystallization).

It is the perfect stone to show you the way toward the life-affirming light, lifting you up into a more positive inner state, calming your mind, and helping you focus on what is important to you.

Quartz crystals can be used in these specific ways:

  • Used in meditation, a quartz crystal will help you to soothe your mind and relax. The perfect structure and alignment of the crystal has the unique ability to deepen your meditation.
  • You can use a quartz crystal to store your prayers, mental images, and feelings and enhance your alignment with your visions.

A Powerful exercise to get help from you quartz crystal

  1. Hold your Quartz in your hands and ask that it works with you for your highest good.
  2. Picture whatever your dream is, as clearly and intensely as possible. Feel all the joy of having that dream come true. Let yourself really feel the power of the dream and how it is when you manifest it in your life. Let that power flow into the crystal in your hand, and ask the crystal to manifest the dream.
  3. Put the crystal where you will see it often, or keep it in your pocket to remind you of your dream.

Click Here to See the Wondrous & Magical Types of Quartz Available to Help You

Always ensure that you use a cleansed & activated crystal (see Crystal Care and Programming) before you use them in your manifesting rituals.


IF You are running into challenges attaining a state of positive mental clarity, the next step is to use crystals to heal and balance your chakra’s. See Chakra Healing for more details. We prepared a great guide for Chakra Healing in the Charka Healing Section on our website.

Crystals for Manifesting, Choosing the Rght One

Your Guide to Each Crystal's Special Manifesting Powers

As we discussed above, the manifesting power of crystals lies in their ability to hold and transmit energy. Crystal energy can help us to focus our intent to heal and manifest desires. Below is a list of each crystal's special manifesting powers.

Each Crystal's Manifesting Power


Amethyst crystals are exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind, making them a classic meditation tool. Meditating with them can help you to become more in tune with your feelings, helping you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. It also stimulates the crown chakra and calms your thoughts, making it a powerful aid in meditation.

Aside from what they can do for your body, amethyst crystals are one of the most beneficial stones to have in your environment. Due to this, many people fill their homes with them—in their bedroom, living room, bathroom, car, office, meditation room etc.—so that the amethyst healing properties constantly surround and protect them. These crystals work to purify any space of negative vibrations, emanating an energy ideal for you to thrive in. They help to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and clutter.


Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura is called both a success stone and an abundance stone. It is said to attract success to all who use or carry it, and help them understand that it is indeed success. Aqua Aura can bring prosperity, even possibly wealth.

Aqua Aura is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness. Aqua Aura strengthens meditation which can enhance any psychic endeavors. Aqua Aura is used to empower and enhance telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychic healing, and automatic writing as well as other modalities. In part this psychic empowerment is due to bringing more intense energy to the effort.

The strength of Aqua Aura is also excellent protection from psychic attacks. It helps strengthen and heal the auric field which is a first line against negative psychic energy. It can protect against psychic "vampires", and other parasitic or draining negative energies.

Aqua Aura Quartz is said to assist in conscious awareness of one's own motivations and patterns. As humans we tend to spend a great deal of emotional energy closing our eyes to our own truths. Ceasing to expend this energy brings a calm sense of clarity about these motivations and patterns. This enables us to improve these for our highest good.


Clear Quartz Crystal

Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" of the mineral kingdom, with its very high vibration, and is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is also known as the "Stone of Power" and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz is believed to protect against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain. Quartz crystals are very programmable and have a tendency to hold a program much longer than other minerals.

Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain.

Clear Quartz has been shown to enhance and strengthen the aura. As gifts from our Mother Earth, Clear Quartz comes to us with information for the higher self to assimilate in the process of one's spiritual growth. Clear Quartz is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all of the chakras. Since Clear Quartz absorbs energies very easily, it is important to clear these stones on a regular basis.



Throughout time, there have been many ancient traditions and legends about the garnet. In medieval times, the stones were thought to cure depression, protect against bad dreams, and relieve diseases of the liver, as well as hemorrhages. According to legend, Noah used a finely cut, glowing garnet to illuminate the ark during those dark wet days and nights. Hebrew writers include the garnet as one of the twelve gems in Aaron’s breastplate. Christian tradition considered the blood-red garnet as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice.

There are many beliefs in the power garnet has over the not just physical health, but mental health as well. Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth. The stone also sharpens your perception of yourself and other people. Garnet is also said to inspire contemplation and truthfulness, and offers its wearer the power to protect their standing and possessions. The garnet is also an ancient symbol of friendship.


Red Jasper

Gently stimulating, red jasper, assists in transmuting emotional, mental and physical pain, especially menstrual pain. It grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. Red jasper brings to light problems before they get out of hand and provides insights into the most difficult situations. It is perfect for worry beads or stones as it calms the emotions. If you place the stone under your pillow it will help dream recall. Red jasper stimulates the base chakra and assists re-birthing. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura and strengthens your boundaries.

Red Jasper is an ideal stone for meditation as it has a stabilizing effect, and can help you direct your energy and use it in a balanced manner. It has a powerful earth energy and brings strength, power and courage on all levels.

This helps in pursuing and achieving goals with determination. It is a great motivator.

In ancient Egypt, it was used for making amulets and it was especially suited to women giving them grace and beauty and curing their diseases. Various Native American tribes used Jasper as a rubbing stone and some called it "the rain bringer". It was known as the ‘warrior stone’ as it gives strength and courage.

Jasper was often worn by Shaman to provide protection and send any negativity directed at them back to the original sender.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is associated with the root or base chakra, and is excellent for grounding excess energy. It is well known as a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, and thus is very protective. It can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment. It is often used as an aura cleanser, and can help one attain higher levels of awareness.

Schorl is also used for repelling and protecting one from black magick, evil spirits, and is often said to return the negative spell to the sender. Some claim that it deflects all kinds of energy, but my personal experience is that this is not the case. It is possible that the black tourmaline's effect of grounding excess energy gives this impression.



Bloodstone is considered a stone of courage. It was once believed to overcome enemies, to open locked doors and break down blockages. It was carried by soldiers to avoid being wounded and to stop bleeding. Bloodstone is still used today as a health talisman and to heal illnesses related to the blood and circulatory system. It is worn by athletes to increase power and strength and for victory. Bloodstone may facilitate courage. It's believed to have a calming effect on fears and anger.

Bloodstone has long been used to secure victory in physical battles, competition and on a personal level. Bloodstone may help one have a successful business and is often used in spells to be victorious in court or legal issues. Bloodstone, because of it's ability to increase success, lends well to attracting money. Keep a bloodstone in your wallet for good luck, money and good health. In ancient times, women wore them to ensure a safe pregnancy and easy child birth. Bloodstone can be used to facilitate a communication with the spiritual realms.



Sunstone has a very positive effect on one's psyche, it promotes good humor, cheerfulness and an even temper. It may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting.

It offers self-confidence and helps its wearer to discover her own nature and live accordingly. It assists its wearer in maintaining a positive attitude towards her own life and to use inherent strengths while still allowing the sunny side of the personality raise to the forefront.

Keep Sunstone with you at all times if you have difficulty saying "no" to people, and you continually make sacrifices for others. Sunstone will detach your feelings of being discriminated against, disadvantaged or abandoned; it will remove inhibitions and hang up, reversing feelings of failure. It will increase feelings of self-worth, and confidence encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. It will switch all feelings to a positive take on any event. Even the most incorrigible pessimist will respond to Sunstone.


Smokey Quartz

A very powerful metaphysical stone, Smokey Quartz emits a high level of energy. Smokey Quartz helps ground the holder with Earth energies and is good for working with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. Use Smokey Quartz to absorb and transmute negative energy. Smokey Quartz is also a great stone for pain relief, and helps to prevent healing crises after a strong energy session. Smokey Quartz can help integrate messages and/or spiritual energy received in higher chakras into the lower chakras and anchor expanded consciousness into the physical body.

Smokey Quartz works with all of the Chakras, but can specifically focus its energies with the Root and Solar-Plexus Chakras. While this stone has a slow and steady energy to it, it is still very powerful in its action. This crystal has a vibe that helps to facilitate the transformation of dreams into reality.


Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite helps integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity, and is helpful with emotional issues. Use Orange Calcite to energize and cleanse the Root and Sacral Chakras and to bring positive energy into the areas of the will and sexuality.

Meditating with Orange Calcite can bring insights into the causes of apathy or lethargy, allowing one to take back control over one's life. Orange Calcite's vital energy can serve as a catalyst for the release of past traumas that have been holding you back, allowing for optimism and joy to come in. Those experiencing depression will benefit from Orange Calcite's infusion of bright vibrations into the lower chakras.

Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. The purifying energy of Calcite cleans out stored negative energy from a room, the body, etc. Use Calcite to clear out old energy patterns and to increase personal motivation and drive. Calcite is also a good choice for distance healing work, because it amplifies the energy being sent.


Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine is an all around healer to bring joy into one's life. Works with the second chakra, dissolving creative blocks and healing sexual trauma. Aids in independence and originality. stimulates creativity & enhances personal power. Enhances intellectual powers & promotes communication. Useful when feeling limited, inhibited, or confined, especially within one’s own thoughts.



Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. Like all agates, it has protection energies. It can aid memory, including recall of past lives. It can assist one in finding the right mate. It is also a stone of protection in general and from anger, jealousy and fear. In addition it can help with manifestation of one's desires, and brings good luck. Carnelian can help ease or remove sorrows. It also helps stabilize energies in the home. It is sometimes called the "actor's stone"



Citrine is known as a "success" stone because it is said in folklore to promote success and abundance, especially in business and commerce. Its lore also says that it enhances mental clarity, confidence, happiness and will power. Citrine is purported to bring good fortune, sometimes in very unexpected ways. Citrine is also a good general protection stone according to crystal healing lore. It is said to alleviate depression and self-doubt, and diminish irrational mood swings due to the effect of mental clarity it has. In traditional folklore and crystal healing lore it is said to aid the digestion and eliminate nightmares that disturb one's sleep. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra.


Golden Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite that stimulates the intellect. It can help one organize intellectual thoughts and information. Yellow calcite also boosts one's general energy level. From this, it increases one's personal power, hope, and sense of self-worth.

Yellow calcite is also very helpful for psychic abilities and meditation. It assists with channeling, intuitive awareness, shamanic work, and other psychic activities.


Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz is said to bless the wearer with the qualities of optimism, well being and creativity, in addition to all the normal qualities of clear quartz. It is said to support deep meditation and enhance focus on personal goals. It also helps the mind find clarity and a bright outlook.

Lemon Quartz encourages control over negative thoughts and aids in freeing the mind from anxieties. It is also thought to bring out all the positive aspects of the wearer.

It amplifies thoughts and information which in turn encourage clarity of thought and focus. It is believed that Lemon Quartz has the ability to help balance and strengthen communication to encourage more clarity and satisfaction in conversation.


Yellow Aventurine

Yellow Aventurine opens and balances the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is especially helpful for those who are oversensitive or indecisive, aiding in overcoming any feelings of problems with power and control over your own life. It can help focus intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself, in addition to increasing levels of abundance and prosperity. Yellow Aventurine also enhances creativity.



Emerald, "The Stone of Successful Love", has long been a popular precious gem stone, lending its name to the bright shade of green called emerald.

Emerald is a stone that is used in crystal work to bring forth manifestation. This manifestation can be in the form of prosperity and abundance. When working with emerald for manifestation, as with all such efforts be certain to be very clear what you desire to have manifested or the Universe may surprise you.

Emerald is a stone that is well used for intuitive awareness, meditation, and spirituality. As a stone which can increase spiritual awareness, it can help realize Divine love. For meditation, it is excellent to use with rhythmic breathing. Emerald is also used to remove barriers to spiritual growth and thus raise consciousness. Emerald can increase psychic and intuitive awareness, particularly in the area of clairvoyance. It is said to "grant all knowledge of past, present and future"

Emerald is consider a strong stone of protection. In particular it is said to protect travelers and protect all from magicians, as well as protect from harmful spirits. Emerald is also used in exorcism of the possessed.

Emerald is used in business spells to increase sales as well as to improve the public image of the company.

Emerald is used to stabilize the astral body and cleanse the energy of all levels of the subtle body.



Malachite is a stone of transformation. Whether the transformation is demonstrated on this plane as balancing pure love and one's well-being, protection, or spiritual evolution, it brings positive transformation again and again. Malachite also assists in making these transformational changes with a gentleness of the heart, easing the transition from one state to the other.

Malachite is a stone of good fortune and prosperity / abundance, too. This is a facet of transforming a physical or mental state of lack into abundance. It can also assist this by bringing productive and lucrative work or career into play. This can bring great self-confidence and success. These vibrations release and diffuse those of victimization by demonstrating the power of oneself.

Malachite is also a very protective stone, being especially helpful for general protection, protection from evil, protection during pregnancy and childbirth, and protection for children. It is also an excellent protection stone during flying and other travel.

As a stone of transformation, malachite helps with spiritual evolution. Meditation or intentional use of this stone in spiritual practices can bring along heightened and pervasive spiritual growth. This releases energy blockages formed in the mind / body / spirit that have been entangled with the lessons of growth. This spiritual growth and evolution brings wisdom as it progresses.

As a part of spiritual growth, malachite can ease the transformation from life to death, helping one make this trip gently and without fear.


New Jade

New "Jade" is not a type of jade at all. Rather, it is a type of light green Serpentine. Serpentine, the light green variety of which is also called New Jade, is a beneficial and versatile stone. It is said by mystics to help with emotional cleansing, psychic powers, and attract love and money.

It is also used in the rise of the kundalini, facilitating the rise by opening a path that lessens discomfort. In addition, serpentine is considered a metaphysically protective stone that is especially protective against snakebite, poison, and venom. Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation.



Peridot is a stone of protection and cleansing. Its meaning is focused on helping you stay clear of people with a bad influence on you or to minimize their influence. The reason being that peridot increased your assertiveness and independence, making it easier to realize your dreams by following your own path. Peridot is an excellent source of high frequency vibrations that can multiply your wealth and increase your health and joy, including all positive emotional states.

It brings your mind, will and emotions into harmony and disperses fear. Peridot is a great crystal for attracting money and can be of invaluable help on your life journey, supporting you to achieve your dreams.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Because it is a type of quartz, Rose Quartz does have a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing.

The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions.

Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love. Put a piece of Rose Quartz by your bedside table, or in the relationship corner of a room or home to attract new love or to add trust and re-commitment to existing relationships. Rose Quartz adds loving energy to relationships, bringing calm and peace. The comforting and soothing energy of Rose Quartz can also help heal a broken heart, allowing release of pent-up emotions and grief. Rose Quartz also helps release unexpressed feelings about others.


Light Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is a stone of intuition and meditation. Using a sapphire during meditation can enhance ones innate intuition and bring to light all manner of creative expression that can be locked within the self. In this, sapphire is excellent not only for Light workers but also for artists and other creatives.

Sapphire is used to bring joy, peace, and beauty through meditation into this plane. It can bring fulfillment of dreams and prosperity.

Many times sapphire is used for protection in psychic and ritual work, as well as in the every day realm. It has strong energy for general protection, as well as protection from evil.

Sapphire is beneficial for mental clarity. It lessens confusion and shows the way to hope. It can bring this hope into life where there was hopelessness. This relieves depression and can ease anxieties, as often we tend to make more of the negative of a situation and forget the positive. Seeing a situation clearly brings relief from these negative, muddy thought patterns. Sapphire also can improve communication by bringing this clarity.

Sapphire is primarily related to the third eye or brow chakra, ajna, though it is also related to the throat chakra.


Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz stones will heighten your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself in a meaningful way, both when speaking or when writing. It is a helpful stone if you have been having difficulties with public speaking. It may also assist you to think better and to concentrate on the task undertaken.

Blue Topaz Stones also work through the third eye chakra, to aid your mental abilities. They may bestow an elevation in your ability to think and to clearly express yourself when doing mental or brain based activities.

Blue Topaz stones have a vibration that will unite your mind, body and spirit, and this may help you if you have a fear of public speaking. These stones are also said to aid you to heal if you have a physical defect that restricts your ability to speak clearly.

This stone has a distinct energy for strengthening psychic gifts, and will aid you to amplify gifts you already possess.



Larimar, found only in the Dominican Republic, is a stone of "answers from the sea of consciousness." The blue color of the larimar reflects the "sea" of all consciousness, which gives freedom from self-imposed limitations and a sense of peace in finding truth.

Larimar is a high vibration stone that connects to both the Thymus (2nd Heart) and Throat Chakras. It is often used in self-healing or laying-on of stones. Larimar is a stone of communication, clarity and truth. It brings calm and balance to any situation, removing stress and negativity. Larimar will help to embrace change and move through the process effortlessly.

Larimar resonates with the gentle, soothing energy of water, bringing a sense of tranquility and a reminder to “go with the flow”. It carries a strong energetic connection to Dolphins and the sea.

Larimar is a nurturing stone, which stimulates the process of healing to body, mind and soul. Larimar can assist in identifying and understanding behavior, caused by old patterns/programs that effectively sabotage the self, and allow for their release. Larimar is good for calming excess energies and it balances energies


Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite opens the throat chakra. It enhances communication in groups and facilitates public speaking. It heals the heart and emotions. Blue Apatite connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance.

Apatite is a stone of manifestation. It is related to service and to humanitarian pursuits. Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects to past lives. It stimulates the development of our psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepening meditation and aiding communication and self-expression on all levels. It balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating overactivity and stimulating underactivity.

Psychologically, Apatite increases motivation. It draws off negativity about oneself and others. It is helpful for hyperactivity and autism in children. Apatite enhances creativity and the intellect. It clears confusion and frustration, reducing irritability and awakening the inner self. Apatite expands knowledge and truth and eases sorrow, apathy, and anger.



Aquamarine is metaphysically known as a stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. It is said to assist with quick intellectual response. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love, gives shielding for the aura, and is said to bring angels for their guidance and protection. As such, it is an excellent crystal for meditation. Aquamarine is used metaphysically to dispel anger and fear.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Hebrews admired and valued aquamarine greatly. It was a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. In the Christian era, the aquamarine was identified with the Apostle, St. Thomas, because it “imitated the sea and the air” and the Saint “made long journeys by sea, even to India, to preach salvation.” Identifying a certain jewel with one of the twelve apostles was a common practice at that time.



Turquoise is one of the oldest stones in the history of the world, and has been discovered in burial sites that are estimated to be older than 5,000B.C. This means it could be one of the oldest stones worked with by man.

The Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Aztecs, and Native Americans all believed this stone was sacred and powerful. It was widely used in nearly every ceremony.

Many cultures viewed it as a symbol of wisdom and power, and even used it for divination or prophesying because of it’s ability to change color during periods of transition (such as death).

Turquoise will strengthen and align all of the Chakras; and it can be used to cleanse your energy centers. As a meditation tool, the gem can assist in clearing your mind, opening you to the Universal All. Use Turquoise to attune to the spiritual plane or provide protection during vision quests or astral travel.

Turquoise is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection. It preserves friendships and can make friends out of enemies in time. Traditionally is is said to only bring good luck if given, not purchased. However, this is not always the case. One must take into consideration the innate energy of each stone individually.

Crystal Care & Programming

Cleansing, Activating, and Maintaining Your crystals

Crystals absorb energy, which means that they are very effective at soaking up vibrations—negative and positive—from the air and people around them. When you first buy or are given a crystal, it will carry the energy of everyone who has already handled it and places where it has spent time. So, it needs cleansing, recharging, activating, and dedicating to working for specific needs as soon as possible. Crystals also need cleansing after long periods of personal use from wearing or healing. Always cleanse jewelry that comes to you from someone else, as it old their vibrations and pass them on to you.

Cleansing Your Crystals

The following are a few suggested methods for cleansing crystals, gems, pendulums and jewelry. These methods can also be used to cleanse other objects. I have my favorites and try to keep my gems and crystals exposed to the sun and moon on an ongoing basis.

  • The Sun and Moon:

Place your gems, crystals, pendulums, jewelry, all types of objects, in a place where they will be fully exposed to the energizing rays of the sun and moon. Even if the day is cloudy or you cannot see the moon, their rays will energize the stones as long as they are directly exposed to these elements of nature. They will normally be cleansed within 24 hours of exposure.

However, stones such as black tourmaline which are being used to deflect negative energies or help release negative energies in your physical and energetic bodies, may require up to 48 hours to become fully cleansed and regenerated.

Stones such as aquamarine and amethyst will fade in the sun so you will have to use another method for cleansing and regenerating these gemstones.

  • The Earth:

Place your gems, crystals, jewelry, whatever, in the earth, either directly into the earth or you can place the gems and crystals into a cloth covering, preferably a natural fabric such as cotton or wool or silk. Leave the gem or crystal buried for at least 24 hours to ensure that they become fully re-energized. If possible, find a spot where the soil is not being spread with chemicals through fertilizers or pesticides. This cleanses all negative energies and re-energizes the stones.

  • Smudging With White Sage:

Take some white sage and begin to burn it until a good strong smoke is coming from your sage. Hold the crystal, gem, pendulum, or piece of jewelry in this smoke for at least one minute and preferably three or four minutes. This clears all negative energies that have become attached to this stone but does not energize the gem or crystal. To re-energize the stone, place it in a window so it can be exposed to the rays of the sun and moon. Remember, they re-energize even when it’s cloudy.

White Sage is the only herb that I use to cleanse. Others may recommend other herbs but I find that White Sage guarantees that the cleansing will be deep and complete.

  • Cleansing By Using Your Intention:

For those who are practiced in using intent to make energetic changes, place the crystals or gems in front of you, focus your mental energies upon these stones, and ask the powers of the Universe to cleanse them of all negative energies and to re-energize your stones for their maximum potential. This method however requires much concentration and focus and you need to practice for some time to ensure whatever you are trying to clear is actually cleared. And please remember to thank the Universe for doing this beautiful work for you.

  • Using Another Crystal:

You can place the gems, crystals, jewelry, pendulums etc. you would like to cleanse on another crystal, preferably a large, and I mean large, quartz crystal cluster. This will clear negative energies and will re-energize your crystals. However, you must cleanse and re-energize the large quartz crystal cluster regularly to ensure it retains its cleansing and re-energizing powers. Some people believe that negative energies can be cleansed off pieces of jewelry by placing this jewelry on an amethyst stone. I find that this approach has very limited results, depending on the amount of negative energy on the jewelry and the energy of the amethyst.

  • Running Water:

If you live where you have access to good clear well water that is guaranteed to be free of chemicals, or running water from a creek or river that you know is not polluted, place your crystals and gems in a small container, and let the water run over them, preferably for at least two hours. This will cleanse and re-energize your gems and crystals. Please do not use tap water, since it is full of chemicals. Be careful though because certain stones will actually dissolve in water, e.g. Selenite.

  • Salt Water:

Some people suggest using salt water but I personally find this method to be a harsh and abrasive method and never would cleanse my gems, crystals, pendulums or jewelry in such a severe solution. Remember that your gems, crystals, metals, and even synthetic materials are alive and have an inherent intelligence. You need to treat them with tender and loving kindness. How would you like to be washed in salt water? Never do to a crystal or gem what you would not like done to yourself.

Whatever methods you choose, treat your gems and crystals with tender and loving kindness. These stones can do so much to heal at all levels including the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. They are magical gifts from the Universe and we need to treat them with respect and gratitude. If you no longer want to keep a crystal or gem, take it outside and bury it so it may return to Mother Earth, from whence it came.

Activating Your Crystals

Your crystals need to be activated and programmed to start working. Hold the crystal in your hands. Picture light sending it or hold your hands in front of a light source, and then formulate your for the stone.

When you are totally in tune, say out loud: "I program this crystal for/to ... [state your purpose]." Then wear the crystal, place it on your body as appropriate, put it in a place where you will see it frequently, or keep it in your pocket to remind you. To connect to the full power of your crystal, hold it in your hands and feel its power radiating into the manifestation chakras (see the Chakra Section) on your palms, then out into your whole being.