Constructing a Crystal Grid

Step 1—Objective

The process of constructing a crystal grid has several steps, which we will discuss one at a time in this chapter. Each step will be explained and examples will be given to illustrate how the step can be accomplished successfully. There is no shortcut through these steps.

Determine Your Purpose

A crystal grid is always built to accomplish a specific intention. If the intention is not absolutely clear, then the grid will not be effective. The more specific the intention, the more likely the grid can be built and used effectively. Here are some examples of poor efforts:

I want to be happy all the time.

I want a lot of money.

I want to be famous.

I want to be skinny.

These types of intentions are not specific, constrained by time, or really measurable. The first one is impossible. The second is immeasurable: is “a lot” a hundred dollars, or a million dollars, or some other amount? The third one is also not measurable. Do you want to be world-famous, a national figure, or just recognized by your classmates in high school? The last one is the kind of intention to be careful about. You can become skinny by starving. That is probably not what you are seeking.

Good intentions for using a crystal grid are specific and allow you to know when you have achieved your purpose and can retire your grid. Here are some examples:

I would like to get an A on my algebra final.

I would like my mother to have a great birthday party.

I want to have enough money to put a down payment on a new car in June.

I want to get along better with my mother in the next few months.

The first three intentions are easy to measure and are time-constrained. The last one is not easy to measure but is still a good objective for a crystal grid; you will know in your heart when you have done this. Sometimes we use objective measures, but we can use subjective ones too.

Step 2—Select the Grid Design

The second step is to match the intention of the grid to an appropriate grid design (see the table). Each design provides specific energy paths.

There are many potential design patterns for a grid. Review each of the ones presented in the earlier chapter on grid design for advice and guidance. However, this is your grid, so the pattern has to be conducive to the energy flow you need. Start with the guidance provided here and choose a design based on your feelings.

Grid Design



Belonging, protection, camaraderie, safety

Vesica Piscis

Harmony, the balancing of forces, understanding opposite viewpoints, compromise, bridging differences

Borromean Rings

Inclusiveness; joining; belonging; uniting families, communities, and friends

Tripod of Life

Bringing new ventures into existence, starting a family, growing a garden or a new life, beginning new adventures, starting over


Simplicity, serenity, removing complexity, connecting to the spirit world

Seed of Life

Energy to complete a task or goal successfully

Grid Design


Flower of Life

Self-knowledge, self-esteem


Finding limits; dealing with stress; changing direction; staying in balance; gaining strength, stability, and confidence


Physical energy for health, integration, muscle power, discovery, meeting challenges, expanding abilities


Reaching out to others, expanding knowledge of the natural world, improving physical abilities and health


Perfection and self-improvement, protection of physical elements

Star of David

To deal with mental and physical stress and to connect with your inner spirit

Ashoka Chakra

Love, courage, patience, peace, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, justice, mercy, empathy, and the other moral virtues


To make things right and to atone for our errors, omissions, and transgressions

Grid Designs and Their Uses

Step 3—Select the Visuals

Sometimes the visuals for your grid will be easy to choose. If you are seeking something tangible, like a new car, then a picture of the car is a logical choice. If you are seeking to improve a portion of your life, perhaps wishing to be a kinder person, then an affirmation will work well.

Sometimes, though, selecting a visual element is difficult and requires a lot of thought. When you are unhappy, it is hard to visualize what “happy” might mean to you. This is where you will need to focus. The grid visual helps you connect to the energy of the grid. It helps align you and your needs with the grid’s energy. It is important that the grid’s appearance be consistent with its purpose. There are no right or wrong grid visuals, and you need not keep the same visual on your grid. If you are stuck, begin with a simple design or perhaps a mandala. Coloring in a complex mandala will allow you to explore your feelings and needs. Many people find this exercise valuable in its own right.

Whatever visual you use for your grid, make sure it is your visual. The visuals offered in this book are certainly a good place to start, and they work well for many people. However, when you are building a grid, take time to select the best visual you can.

Step 4—Select the Focus Stone

We now turn to the focal point, which is usually the center of the grid. We have determined our intention for the grid, and we have selected the grid design. We now need our Focus Stone.

The purpose of the Focus Stone is very specific. The Focus Stone is used to collect, align, and focus the universal life force, bringing its healing, life-giving properties to the grid. As we learned earlier, the Focus Stone is the part of a crystal grid that gathers in that force, drawing it down and inward and creating a downward-flowing wave of coherent energy that is then coalesced and amplified through the crystal’s internal energy lattice.

There are four elements to be considered when selecting the Focus Stone. First, we need to ensure that the crystal lattice of the Focus Stone is compatible with our use. Our second consideration is to examine the specific energy and uses of the mineral or crystal. There are many references available both online and in print to assist in understanding the uses and energies of crystals. The Crystal Vaults Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Crystals is an excellent free online resource and is constantly updated to reflect the latest research ( Our third consideration is the shape of the stone. Generally, the shape of the Focus Stone should be compatible with the grid design selected. The final consideration is the aesthetics of the Focus Stone, grid design, and visuals. You are seeking harmony. We are now past the point of objectivity and into the realm of subjectivity. There is a point in building a grid when the knowledge that “it just feels right” comes into play. If you have several candidates for the Focus Stone, try each one. One of them will be “just right.”

Step 5—Select the Way Stones

Way Stone selection is much more an art than a science in grid design. In fact, even with the grid designs provided in the last chapter of this book, the one element you may well want to tailor is the selection of the Way Stones. The Way Stones are the amplifiers, the obstacle removers, and the interim points for the energy flow from the Focus Stone to the Desire Stones. Just as there are many paths to success, or health, or wealth, so are there many Way Stones that will work on any particular grid.

Here are some general guidelines for selecting Way Stones. Once you have a clear idea of what you desire and what you want the grid to help you accomplish, ask yourself, “How can I get there?” or “What do I need to do first?” Or consider, “What is the biggest obstacle I have to overcome?” The answers to these questions will guide your selection of the Way Stones.

The Focus Stone and the Way Stones essentially form a mini-grid within the larger grid. They set up success. The energy flows out from the Focus Stone and through the paths to the Way Stones. There the energy is modified, amplified, focused, and redirected along new paths to the Desire Stones. There are several considerations for selecting Way Stones. You should consider the crystal energy lattice and the color of each stone or crystal. The crystal energy lattice of the stone is important because the energy flows through it and is shaped and magnified by it on a grid. All of the six crystal lattices can be used as Way Stones. Seekers are commonly used, as on the way to any goal we are usually seeking something. Enhancers are popular Way Stones because many desires include a wish to enhance a part of our lives. Guardian crystals are used for grids of physical protection and are also good Way Stones for grids focused on spiritual values. They bring the strength we need to guard our beliefs against doubt. Barrier and Dispeller crystals are used as Way Stones when there is a danger to be avoided or there are obstacles to be overcome on the path to the desired outcome. Attractor crystals make excellent Way Stones, as along the way to our goals and desires we often need help from others.

The color of your Way Stones is the next consideration. If you need to temper excesses, restore calm after a storm, relieve stress, neutralize extremes, provide a counter to the tendency to fly off in a single direction, overcome conflict, or deal with rage, then a turquoise-colored Way Stone is a good choice. If constant vigilance is required on your quest to ensure a successful conclusion, then look to green crystals for Way Stones. Olive-colored stones are good choices for Way Stones when you need to persevere during long efforts. Use yellow crystals for efforts that involve enhancing communication, particularly within families. Dark yellow crystals are excellent Way Stones when you will need decisiveness, precision, or persuasiveness along the way to your desired state. Golden crystals are used when you will need to have a deeper and more pronounced sense of devotion and commitment and a mature enthusiasm to lead projects, organizations, and efforts to success. Use crystals of muted orange as Way Stones when you need to find new friends, keep in touch with longtime friends, and find ways to keep friendships alive. Scarlet crystals are the Way Stones of choice when you need courage along the way to your goal. When the need is for high-energy action or getting on with an important project, use red crystals as Way Stones. Amethyst stones are particularly helpful Way Stones for grids focused on artistic endeavors in which new, original results need to be created using the tools and methods of previous times. Violet stones are the choice when the stuff of magic and dreams is in play. Way Stones of indigo are used when you will need virtue and maturity on your path. Use light blue crystals as Way Stones to develop patience, reconcile differences, or seek forgiveness. Dark blue crystals help you develop humanity, discretion, and honor on the path to your goals or desires. White crystals bring the power of the moon, the power of the Goddess, and the energy of regeneration. Black crystals are used when protection and mental fortitude are needed. They are the crystals to use when you need to feel safe and secure on the path to your desire.

Step 6—Select the Desire Stones

The effect of the grid is felt at the outer edges of the grid, where the energy is dispersed into the surrounding area. The Desire Stones are the stones that are most attuned to the goal or purpose of the grid. Like the Focus Stone and the Way Stones, the Desire Stones are normally selected according to crystal energy and color. The choice is a personal one.

For grids designed to gain something in your life, use Seekers as your Desire Stones. If you are building a grid that is focused on self-improvement or building up something in your life, then Enhancers are the best choice. For grids to rid your life of unpleasant elements, use Dispeller crystals. For protection grids, use Barrier crystals.

The color of the Desire Stones is also an important consideration. Choose the color of your Desire Stones in the same manner as you selected the color of your Way Stones.

Step 7—Select the Location of the Grid

The location of a crystal grid is best determined using the principles of feng shui. Feng shui translates literally as “wind and water,” a reference to the yin and yang elements of the universal life force—also called qi, chi, prana, Ruach, and a host of other names. Colleen Deatsman described this force in her book Energy for Life as “the formless pervasive, causal undercurrent of all that is … the diving intelligence, the engine of creation, the cosmic grid upon which and from which the universe springs.”18

This force meanders slowly when it is healthy and life-bringing (positive energy). It drifts and wanders, flowing easily and bringing the breath of life. This force becomes unhealthy (negative energy) when it either is blocked and becomes stagnant or is forced into hard and fast lanes and becomes destructive. The art of feng shui is the practice of arranging an environment in a way that keeps the life force energy flowing and balanced so we can live and thrive. Our crystal grids need to be placed in an environment that does just that—keeps the life force energy flowing and balanced.

There are many schools of feng shui, and mastery of this art is a lifelong effort. However, when selecting a location for a crystal grid, we can use some general principles of feng shui and be successful.

First of all, consider all four elements: fire, earth, water, and air. Place your grid where the universal life force can flow easily and the four elements are easily at hand. The location should be light, open, and airy and should let in the sun. It should have a growing plant or flower nearby. It should be near water (perhaps near a small fountain), and it should be where the air flows easily. The location should not be in a dark corner, in a closet, near a door, or under something that blocks the light and energy of the sun. It should not be in a dry, dusty environment that suffers from a lack of water energy. It should not be in a sterile environment of plastic or artificial materials, and it should not be in a closed place with stale air.

The perfect place for a grid would be in a light, sunny room, a few feet away from a wall, near a window, with a small fountain and a potted plant nearby. Here is a good rule of thumb: if a sun-loving plant would prosper and bloom in a location, then that is a good place for a crystal grid.

Step 8—Prepare the Crystals and Stones

Our crystals and stones need to be prepared for use on a grid. A dull, old, spent healing crystal isn’t going to help anyone. A crystal or stone that has been surrounded by negative energy will be a poor conduit of the life force and make our grids ineffective. We need to follow the 3 Cs to prepare our crystals: clean, clear, and charge.


There are two basic ways to lightly clean crystals, stones, and crystal clusters: using water or finding a dry method for those crystals that might be harmed by water.

Light cleansing of crystals, crystal clusters, rocks, and gems is usually done with water. However, there are a few exceptions. Some minerals can be damaged by water, so another cleaning method is needed. Most common crystals can be safely cleaned with water. If you are just cleaning quartz crystals, don’t worry, water is fine. But if you have some unusual crystal, consult a list of the water-soluble minerals on the Internet. Any crystals of these minerals should not be placed in water.

To clean a crystal or stone with water, get some distilled water and gently pour it over the crystal or stone. This will rinse off all but the hardest grime. If you have a very dirty stone, a small toothbrush and water should be enough to get it clean. If not, then the stone might not be suitable for a grid.

The second method to clean a crystal is to wipe it with a cloth or, if it is just dusty, dust it with a feather. This actually works well for most crystals. Unless your crystal has a lot of oil from handling, simple dusting or wiping with a soft cloth will clean it quickly.


Simply put, spiritual cleansing, or clearing a crystal, is removing any excess negative energy from the crystal and returning the crystal to its natural energy balance. Crystals absorb energy, both positive and negative. When they have too much negative energy, they need to be cleared, or, as we call it, spiritually cleansed.

Negative energy is the energy that powers destruction, sickness, worry, guilt, depression, ill will, impolite behavior, antisocial behavior, fear, anger, ridicule, feelings of loss, injury, pain, and all the negative elements of spiritual and physical life. Negative energy is a natural part of life—but it is the unhealthy part. Crystals can absorb negative energy during use, just as we can. We use crystals to absorb and dissipate this energy, removing it from our bodies and spirits. The task then is to remove the negative energy from the crystal so we can reuse the crystal.

A crystal can pick up the energies, worries, and negative thoughts of people with whom it has come in contact. Spiritual cleansing returns the crystal to its balanced state using the fundamental elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The process is one of returning to balance by immersion in the natural world once again.

The first method of clearing is to use the winds. Each of the four winds has a special use in clearing the negative energy from a crystal.

The West Wind

The west wind blows from the west to the east. This is the gentlest of the winds, Zephyrus. It is the wind of spring, growth, and renewal. It is Persephone returned. It brings the energy of new blossoms, youth, and rebirth. The west wind is the one used most often for spiritual cleansing of crystals. To use the west wind to cleanse crystals and stones, place them near flowering plants where the wind will first blow over the flowers and then over the crystals. Rotate the crystals every fifteen minutes or so. Leaving them for about an hour in the west wind will be sufficient. If the climate doesn’t allow for flowering plants, use dried flowers. The west wind is the all-purpose wind and can be used to cleanse any crystals.

The North Wind

The north wind is the wind that blows from north to south. This wind, known as Boreas, is the wind of winter’s harshness. The north wind is rarely used in crystal cleansing. Use it if you know your crystal’s negative balance was caused by exposure to the heat of strife and discord. To clear crystals of negative energy caused by arguments and fighting near them, place them in cold water in a location where the wind from the north can blow over the water. The crystals and stones do not need to be submerged. Usually only ten to fifteen minutes is required to “cool” a hot-tempered crystal or stone.

The South Wind

The south wind is used to remove negative energy from a crystal that has been abused by a cold, aloof owner or an impersonal environment. Be aware that the south wind, known as Notus, is often considered a dry wind and can be a destructive force of late summer. Using the south wind to cleanse a crystal involves placing it in a sunny location where the south wind can blow over it and the sun can shine upon it. A couple of hours of gentle breezes and sunlight will revive the positive energy of the crystal or stone.

The East Wind

The east wind is Eurus. This wind is not used to remove negative energy—in fact, just the opposite. There are some cases when a crystal will actually have too little negative energy. If you determine that a crystal has somehow become too hot, too active, or too powerful and needs to cool down and rebalance, then a few minutes in the east wind can be beneficial. These are extremely rare conditions, but Eurus is there when needed. Now, you might think you need the cool north wind for this purpose, but that wind is used to remove negative energy from a crystal that is hot from discord. The east wind is used to remove positive energy that is unbalancing a crystal. This often occurs when a crystal is exposed to a highly stimulating but positive environment, such as a celebration. Usually an hour or so is sufficient to clear the crystal if it is placed in a sheltered location where the wind can blow over it.

For most grid applications, the use of the air element found in wind is sufficient to clear any crystal. Be aware that there are other methods that use the other three elements of earth, fire, and water. A traditional method of spiritually cleansing a crystal is burying it directly in the earth. This can be done in a variety of ways, but generally the crystal is wrapped in a natural organic cover, like a leaf or bundle of moss, and buried in a shallow trench or natural cave. While the time required to clear a crystal by burying it can vary significantly, generally a day and a night is sufficient. The fire element is best applied to cleansing a crystal through smudging. Immersing the crystal in the smoke of white sage for about three minutes will clear the negativity from most crystals. Finally, the water element can be used to cleanse most crystals, but not all—some of the softer stones can be damaged by water. Clearing the negative energy from a crystal using the water element is best done with moving water. Hold the crystals or stones in clear, cool running water for about three to five minutes. Rotate the crystals frequently. Allow to air-dry.


The process used to charge a crystal is actually quite simple. The key requirement is sunlight. Beyond this requirement, you are free to experiment. To charge a crystal, once the negative energy has been removed from it and when its positive energy supply is low, place the crystal in bright sunlight for a period of time until its supply of universal life force has been replenished. That brings up two questions: “Why do we charge crystals in the sun?” and “For how long?”

To answer the first question, the single largest source of the bounty of the universal life force in our part of the universe is the sun. It is the center of our system and the center of our lives. No wonder the sun has been worshiped as a god since time began. The sun beams the life-giving energy we need to survive. How or from whom the sun got such power and energy is a subject of speculation on the part of philosophers, religious teachers, and everyday people. We cannot know. But what we do know is that, regardless of its source, the sun is our local source of life.

Next, let’s address the second question, “For how long do we charge a crystal or stone in the sun for use on a grid?” To find the answer, we need to look to nature and her cycles. We want to use the natural cycle of the sun as our guide because it is the natural cycle of life (for us on earth, anyway). The earth, as it circles the sun, brings us the natural cycle of the day. The earth’s rotation brings the sun to the same position in the sky once per day (okay, a bit north or south depending on the earth’s tilt and the season, but you get the idea). A cycle is one day. So to start, let’s use that natural cycle. Now since the sunlight is blocked by the earth at night, we really only have from sunrise until sunset to get the direct rays of the sun and its nurturing life force into our crystals. So for all but the most distressed crystals, a day in the sun should be sufficient to charge them.

Step 9—Assemble the Grid

The process of assembling a crystal grid is fairly straightforward. With the components all assembled and the location of the grid determined, what remains is the physical construction of the grid in preparation for activating and using it.

The physical base of the grid, complete with visuals, is first placed in the desired location. It can be aligned with the natural world in some manner or simply put in place.

Some grids should be aligned with the natural world. The magnetic lines of force on this planet run north and south, from one magnetic pole to the other. These are natural energy flows. If there are long, straight pathways on your grid, then aligning some of them with north and south can add extra energy to the grid.

To align a grid with the natural world, you will need a compass. Place the compass in the middle of the grid. When the N/S needle stops moving, align one of the main path lines in the same direction as the N/S needle. This will make the grid line point to magnetic north and south. That is all that is needed.

Grids can also be aligned with the path of the sun through the sky. This alignment seems to enhance many grids focused on building yang energy and power. To align your grid with the path of the sun, build the grid early in the morning. Then, as the sun is rising, point one major grid path line toward the rising sun. Be aware that, for most places on earth, the location of the rising sun will move throughout the year. So if you are aligning your grid with the sun’s path, you should realign it every month or so.

Some grids are enhanced by aligning them with the path of the moon. Grids designed to enhance the yin elements of a life are particularly suited to this alignment. To align a grid with the path of the moon, follow the same process as aligning with the sun. In this case, you will set up your grid in the evening and wait for moonrise. When the moon rises, point one of the main path lines on the grid toward the rising moon. As the moon rises, move the grid to align the major path lines with the movement of the moon.

Choosing the alignment of a grid is a fairly straightforward process. For grids that are focused on aligning your spirit with the earth and its natural energy, align with the earth’s grid of magnetic energy. These are the grids of grounding, accepting reality, getting close to nature, understanding one’s place in the universe, and accepting one’s place in the natural world. For grids that are focused on yang energy flows, align them with the sun’s path. Yang energies are active, passionate, strong energies of action and accomplishment. For grids that are focused on yin energy flows, align them with the moon’s path through the sky. Yin energy flows are those of the spirit and of loving, caring, and nurturing. They are the energies of serenity, peace, and tranquility.

Once a grid has been placed and aligned, the next step is to add the crystals and stones. The Focus Stone is placed first and then the Way Stones are added. Finally, the Desire Stones are placed on the grid. Place the stones carefully, focusing on the energy flow you are building. Be aware of the growing potential energy.

Once the crystals and stones are placed, take a moment to adjust them to the design. Try to be as precise as possible. You will start to feel an energy flow as each one is moved into place. If a stone is not perfectly round, consider placing it so that its longest dimension runs along the path lines. The perimeter is added last. It goes around the grid layout, not on it. These stones can be placed in any order, although traditionally the Barriers are placed at the corners first and then the Dispellers are placed an equal distance between them to complete the perimeter.

At this point your grid is complete and ready to be activated and used.

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    I am wanting to make a grid for reconciliation. Of my now ex spouse. Is this a wise idea or not? If it is how do I pick the correct stones and how do I pick the correct grid.

  • Samara Trindade On

    Hello. Is there a specific location on a grid for cleansing and grounding stones to be placed? For example, on the outer layer or closer to the focus stone? Thank you.

  • Mystic Crystal Imports On

    Hi Yelle, Thank you for your questions. Crystal grids don’t need to have a repeating color pattern. The most important thing is how the crystals help you change your mental state. So if a certain arrangement of colors and shapes speaks to you in a positive way, then it is a good arrangement.

    Removing a crystal and keeping it close to you may actually help you gain a stronger connection to your grid. So you, in essence, make it more powerful.

  • Yelle Dela Cruz On

    Thank you for this very comprehensive guide to building a crystal grid. This was very helpful. I have a few things I want to know in particular, too, and I hope you can enlighten me.

    Do the crystals need to have a repeating color sheme like in most crystal grids I see in photos or can I use various colors? I recently bought an a circular acrylic crystal grid with 7 crystal spheres and they’re of different colors. (The biggest one is a yellow calcite crystal sphere in the center, then surrounding it are crystal spheres of carnelian, clear quartz, onyx, aventurine, amethyst and rose quartz, in clockwise order.)

    Also, can you remove one of the crystals from a grid and use it for example placing it under your pillow when you need a particular stone and replacing it in a grid with a different stone then putting it back after?

    Thank you.

    Love and Light,

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