Constructing a Crystal Grid for Love

To love is an adventure. But romance is what sparks that adventure. At times, romance will seem lost, though it is always there, just hidden. We must amplify certain qualities in our lives to keep romance around us and in our relationships. You and your significant other will build a greater level of respect and appreciation for each other if there is more romance in your lives. Romance is what creates intimacy, which in turn will expand your life adventure together. This grid will help you amplify personal qualities and lead you to take action to bring the romance back into your life.

The Grid

The grid is the Seed of Life—the ever-expanding design of growth.

The Focus Stone

To have romance, you must be devoted to your significant other. The two of you must be dedicated and loyal to each other so that your romance is natural and pure. An aquamarine crystal will bring out these qualities in you, with its hint of olive rays, and will serve as your Focus Stone.

The Way Stones

Your Way Stones will be tiger’s eye. Its radiant golden colors will bring out your natural charisma, confidence, and sense of adventure and excitement. Your charm and special qualities will be amplified so that your partner will immediately feel a sense of romance in your relationship again.

The Desire Stones

You desire to bring more romance into your life and relationship. With its warming pink rays, pink calcite will serve as your Desire Stones. These will aid you with their energies of love, kindness, and healing.


Place the grid in an open space where sunlight can easily access it. Keep a picture of you and your loved one under or above the grid. Place the aquamarine Focus Stone first, with devotion. Focus on feeling the sense of pure romance you experience when you are with your significant other. Then place the tiger’s eye Way Stones. As you do so, feel a sense of excitement come over you as your natural charm brightens. Finally, place the pink calcite Desire Stones. Allow them to heal your heart from any previous wounds and fill it with kindness. Your relationship will soon be filled with pure joy and love.


Whenever you pass by the grid, focus for a moment on the aquamarine Focus Stone. Realize how your devotion to your loved one has allowed you to be happier than ever before. Then look at each of the tiger’s eye Way Stones. Notice how you have been more outgoing as you show off your increased confidence. See how that has added an extra spark to your relationship. Finally, look at each of the pink calcite Desire Stones in turn and feel them aid you with mature love. Smile, as you are about to experience a romantic adventure.

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