Constructing a Protection Grid

We all seek protection, whether for our family, our relationships, our loved ones, the things we cherish, or even ourselves. We want to provide refuge for the things and people we care about. This grid will serve as a form of protection for the things you wish to keep safe. It will shelter, watch over, and ensure safety for the things and people you cherish, and even yourself.

The Grid

The grid is the hexagon—the elemental design of the universal life force.

The Focus Stone

To gain protection, you must have awareness of the world around you. You need to see things in their true form. Your Focus Stone will be a citrine point, bringing the energies of clarity and alertness with its yellow rays.

The Way Stones

You must have a sense of safety in order to have protection. Your Way Stones will be green aventurine, with its energies of good fortune, survival, health, and safety. Green aventurine is a safety talisman itself.

The Desire Stones

Your Desire Stones will be red jasper, which brings the energies of vitality, strength, and protection with its scarlet color. It will prevent you from harm, both physically and spiritually.


The grid should be placed in an elevated space in a room you visit frequently, preferably your bedroom. Place the citrine Focus Stone first. Put it in the middle of the grid. As you do this, let it bring awareness into your life and clarity to your sight. Then gently place the aventurine Way Stones in the middle of each side of the hexagon and allow them to serve you with their energies of safety. Finally, place the red jasper Desire Stones at the corners. Feel their energies bringing a sense of protection to you and the things you cherish. Begin to feel the protection you need coming into your life

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