Crystal Grid Elements

Crystal grids are built from component parts. Each part has a purpose. These components include the grid design that creates the paths of energy, the visual element upon which the design is formed, the individual crystals that make up the grid, and the optional perimeter that protects the grid. A wand is used to activate a grid but is not part of the grid. Building and energizing a powerful grid requires an understanding of each of these parts and an appreciation for how they all fit together effectively.

1. The Path

The grid design establishes the pathways through which the energy flows through the grid, guiding the energy from the Focus Stone, through the Way Stones, to the Desire Stones. The path is the journey to the desire we seek. The path is the energy conduit that draws on sacred geometry to align, transmit, and guide our energy to achieve our desires.

The path follows the lines of energy within the grid design. It connects the stones to the patterns of life. There is a great synergy to be gained when the path is aligned with the energy matrices of the crystals on it. The energy system that results is one of great power. The universal life force is gathered, focused, and amplified effectively in a well-designed crystal grid with paths that channel our energy effectively.

The path is set by the grid design. Grid designs are selected to provide an energy path that is consistent with the objectives of the crystal grid. We use the circle when our path is to a goal of protection or completeness. We use the Seed of Life design to get a path to harmony, balance, sincerity, and truth. The vesica piscis brings a path to common ground. The Borromean rings design brings us a path to family, community, and friends in harmony. It is also the design that brings us the energy paths of bonding and integration. The Tripod of Life has the paths to help us find a balance between the energy we actually have and the demands we place on ourselves, tempering our desires with our capabilities. Squares are used to provide paths for dealing with the stress of new beginnings and endings. They help us change direction yet stay in balance. The pentagon and other designs all provide paths that focus, align, and channel the universal life force in particular patterns we can use effectively in our grids.

Paths on crystal grids are essentially the same as ley lines on the earth. Like ley lines, paths connect points of energy and channel the energy flow. Sometimes the paths are easy to see on the grid design. In other designs the connection from one stone to another is not a part of the basic design. When placing stones on a grid, use your intuition. It will tell you where the real paths are on your grid.

2. Grid Visuals

Our crystal grids can be enriched by both design and color patterns. A background scene of robust health and vigorous activities we enjoy when we achieve good health can enhance a grid designed to improve our health. A grid for increased wealth can be enhanced with a background of the money or the things we desire. The background can give form to our desire.

Grids are also enhanced by the addition of color energy that complements the grid crystal color energy. The potential designs and color schemes are infinite. The key is alignment with the colors, patterns, crystals, and purpose in a synergistic design. All of the grid designs in this book can be enhanced in this way.

Grids can also be enhanced and empowered by the addition of affirmations. Affirmations are statements of the desired state. For example, a grid to bring scholarly energy to an effort to pass an important test could be built on a paper that says “I received an A today in algebra.” Such a statement affirms the result of the effort that the grid was built to support.

All of these elements can be combined. A grid to help secure a new job could be built on a visual of a design consisting of money and symbols of money such as dollar signs. The grid could have the colors that complement the Desire Stones, and the picture could have the words “I got the job!” printed boldly in the middle. Let’s look more closely at each of these elements.

3. The Focus Stone

The Focus Stone is the rock or crystal that is located in the center of a crystal grid or at its selected focus of power (Figure 25). Its primary purpose is to collect the universal life force and channel it through the grid. The Focus Stone draws the energy down and inward, essentially creating a flowing wave of coherent energy that is then coalesced and amplified through the crystal’s internal energy lattice and dispersed down the paths of the grid.

We choose Focus Stones and crystals for grids based on their ability to focus and amplify the universal life force for a specific purpose using their crystal energy lattice and their color rays of influence.

Figure 25: The Focus Stone

All of the different crystal energy lattices are conducive to use as a Focus Stone. We use the Seekers as Focus Stones when the purpose of the grid is to help us find something we do not possess yet we desire. We use Enhancers to add more desirable elements to our lives, and the Guardians are used as Focus Stones on grids of protection. The Dispellers and Barriers are used only occasionally as Focus Stones when the grid needs a strong protection focus. The Attractors are used as Focus Stones in some cases but are generally more suited for use as Way Stones or Desire Stones.

Since quartz is a readily available Seeker and comes in all the colors of the rainbow, many grids will use varieties of quartz for the Focus Stone. In particular, a clear quartz crystal is considered to be the “universal Focus Stone” and is particularly useful. A clear quartz crystal has the superb ability to gather and amplify the universal life force but then transmit it to the Way Stones without coloring its effects. If you are unable to find the exact Focus Stone you need, a clear quartz crystal will usually work.

Most colored stones work well as Focus Stones. Experience has shown that the lighter colored stones seem to be more effective for many purposes, as they do not overpower the focus of the grid and allow for a more gentle and less turbulent energy flow through the smaller pathways.

Focus Stones are sometimes referred to as Kingposts. Kingposts are vertical centered support beams used in bridge, building, and aircraft designs. The Focus Stone is the central support element of a crystal grid.

4. The Way Stones

The stones that are next on the energy path of a grid are called the Way Stones. They are very important elements of every grid. In many designs, the Way Stones surround the Focus Stone. The Focus Stone brings in the universal life force, shapes it through its crystal energy lattice, modifies it with its color energy, and sends it down the paths to the Way Stones. The Way Stones then further modify the energy. Their work is similar to a pump in a water system. Water flows down a pipe, but if a pump is added, it can amplify and modify the flow.

Way Stones do exactly that—they amplify and further modify the universal energy flowing in the paths of the grid. Their effects, like that of a Focus Stone, are dependent on their crystal energy lattice and their color rays.

The purpose of Way Stones is quite specific. It is usually not possible to go directly to any goal or desire. Usually there are one or more intermediate steps that need to be taken, or obstacles to overcome, or challenges to meet. We cannot score a high mark on a test without first studying effectively. We cannot win a track meet without first developing sufficient strength and conditioning. We need to become organized before we can focus on important things. The Way Stones represent the intermediate points on our way to our ultimate desire. They give us the energy to take things one step at a time while still focusing on our ultimate desire. They lead us on our path to our desires.

Figure 26: The Way Stones

In general, Way Stones should have a crystal energy lattice that is compatible with the Focus Stone. This keeps the energy flow consistent and harmonious. The primary influence of the Way Stones then becomes their color. Here we have much more color influence on the grid than we get from a single Focus Stone. Because color energy is so important for Way Stones, they are generally selected from opaque, well-colored stones. While transparent crystals are good for the Focus Stone, tumbled stones and even small rocks make excellent Way Stones. They are usually less expensive and come in myriad colors. The selection of Way Stones is primarily an effort to find exactly the right color to energize our efforts to accomplish specific steps to our desires.

Way Stones are sometimes referred to as Mark Stones or Merkstan. They have a similarity to Native American stone piles that marked paths to water.

5. The Desire Stones

The Desire Stones are the outermost stones on a crystal grid (Figure 27). They represent the end state that the grid is constructed to produce. Selection of Desire Stones is based on the specific final purpose of the grid. These stones gather the energy that has been focused and shaped by the Focus Stone, the Way Stones, and the paths. They give the universal life force its final shaping and tune it to the desired outcome of the crystal grid. They are chosen in a similar manner to the Way Stones—by their crystal energy lattice and their color rays.

Figure 27: The Desire Stones

Desire Stones are often the crystals or stones that would be used alone to accomplish something. However, using multiple ones and having them fed with focused and amplified energy gives them much more energy to accomplish their purpose than just a single one would have.

The interaction of the Focus Stone (gathering and amplifying the universal life force), the Way Stones (shaping the energy), the paths (bringing the power of the patterns of life), and the Desire Stones (manifesting and dispersing the energy to us) gives life to our crystal grids. Each component plays a part, and the synergy of a well-constructed grid brings us the energy and power we need to improve and enrich our lives and the lives of others.

6. The Perimeter-Amplifying Stones

The ability of a grid to focus and amplify the universal life force unhampered by negativity is ensured through the use of a perimeter. The perimeter is not part of the grid design and is not placed on the grid or its base visual. The grid is a self-contained, integrated energy conduit, and the perimeter is placed around the grid.

A perimeter is a grouping of stones or crystals that serves to protect the grid from outside negative influences or ill will. Perimeters, like the walls of a castle, are meant to contain, protect, and defend against attack. They protect the grid from outside disruptions and influences. There are many sources of negative energy and negativity. Grids do not work well in negative environments, just as people do not function well in hostile environments. Using a perimeter is like buying insurance. Your grid may not need the extra protection, but adding it can certainly give you some assurance that the grid will operate at its maximum potential by keeping its energy flow clear and free of interference.

Effective perimeters are built from two kinds of crystals: Barriers and Dispellers. We use Barrier crystals to repel ill will and negative energy. We use Dispeller crystals to dispel whatever negative energy is present. Typically, an equal number of Barrier crystals and Dispeller crystals are used, and the crystals are alternated around the grid.

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