Crystals for Toxic Relationships

Crystals for Toxic Relationships: How To Use Crystals To Help Heal and Cleanse Toxic Relationships


Crystals emit particular vibrations that can help to clear negative energy and promote positive emotions. This makes them perfect for use in the healing of toxic relationships.

Some of the most effective crystals for this purpose include rose quartz, citrine,  and amethyst. Each crystal has its own unique properties that can help to address different aspects of toxicity in relationships.

You should always aim to send only positive vibes into your relationship – no matter how bad it may be! Be sure to cleanse your crystals regularly, as they will absorb the negative energy from your relationship.  Selenite is a great tool for clearing bad crystal energy.  

Chakras and Relationships

Your chakras have a lot to say about your relationships. When you're in a relationship with someone, and you're in sync, your chakras align. But when there's discord, it can also affect your chakras and create imbalance. For example:

The Root Chakra

The root chakra is all about survival. When you're in a relationship where you feel safe and supported, your root chakra will be aligned and stable. But if you feel unsupported, or like you're not able to rely on the other person, that instability can manifest as anxiety or an inability to relax.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is all about control and personal power. When you feel like you don't have control over something (like what your partner does), or when they're bossing you around or trying to control YOU, it can throw your solar plexus out of alignment. The result will be feelings of helplessness or anger.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the chakra governing love. When it's open and free-flowing, it allows you to give and receive love from those around you. When this chakra is blocked, you are likely to feel closed off from others and unable to be vulnerable with them.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the chakra governing communication. When it's open and free-flowing, it allows you to communicate your needs clearly with others. When this chakra is blocked, you are likely to feel unable to speak up for yourself or say what you need in order to get your needs met.

Chakra Imbalances & Toxic Relationships are Connected

Toxic relationships and chakra imbalances go hand in hand. The main chakras affected by toxic relationships are the root, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. The root chakra is the foundation of your being. If it's out of whack, you may feel unmoored or generally ungrounded. This can be caused by a toxic relationship that has you constantly wondering why you're in it and what you have to offer/what you get from it.

Your solar plexus chakra is responsible for your self-esteem and confidence, so if it's blocked or unbalanced, you may feel like you have nothing to offer or that you're not worthy of love (because your partner has told you as much). If your heart chakra is blocked, this could be causing difficulty with compassion and forgiveness—which is essential for any relationship. Finally, if your throat chakra is blocked or unbalanced, this could mean that you're having trouble being honest with yourself about how bad things really are in your relationship because you feel that speaking up will just "make things worse."

What are the benefits of using crystals?

There are many benefits of using crystals to promote self-healing and general wellness. The first is that they connect to your body's energy, which is also known as your aura. When you work with a crystal, it will connect to the corresponding chakra—also known as an energy center or vortex—in your body through this aura.

The second benefit is that crystals have a high vibrational frequency, which means they can clear out negative energy and help you raise your own vibration. To do this, you'll want to place the crystal on or near the area in question for about 15 minutes at a time.

For example, if you want to use crystals for physical healing, place the stone directly over the injury or illness, or on the corresponding chakra (which will be near the area of discomfort). For emotional healing, place your stone over your heart or on the heart chakra. You can also use crystals to cleanse other stones that have absorbed negative energy. For example, if you've used a crystal during a healing session and feel as if it has absorbed some of that person's negative energy, hold it over running water and say something like "I cleanse this crystal so it may now be restored to its original state."

The benefits of using crystals for toxic relationships

There are few things more difficult than a toxic relationship. Whether it's friendship, family, or romance, an unhealthy relationship can drain your energy and hurt your sense of self. In these situations, we often feel trapped by our circumstances and unsure of how to proceed. We can face huge amounts of stress and anxiety just trying to figure out what to do.

The issue with toxic relationships is that it's easy for us to get caught up in the drama and forget about ourselves. The person hurting us becomes the focus of our attention, and we find ourselves consumed by their actions and words, even if they are harmful to us. We can quickly lose sight of our own needs.

This is where crystals can be particularly helpful. They help remind us that we deserve love and peace in our relationships—and that we should focus on healing from within, rather than focusing on changing or fixing an outside source.

In this way, crystals for toxic relationships allow us to take back control over the only thing we ever have control over: ourselves. By embracing this power, we reclaim a sense of purpose and meaning, which empowers us to make positive changes in our lives and relationships

Crystals can remove negative energy from your space

The best crystal for clearing negative energy from your space is black tourmaline. It's not just a crystal, it's an entire family of crystals that come in many different colors and forms. You can use any of these stones to cleanse your space and protect yourself from negative energy.

When using black tourmaline, remember that you are cleansing the energy of the stone as well as the energy of your space.

How crystals can protect you from toxic people?

Healing crystals work by helping your aura and chakras stay in balance. When we are surrounded by toxic people (or even just people who are having a bad day) our energies can get out of whack. And if we don't take the time to cleanse our auras, we can start feeling pretty awful—like our energy is being sucked right out of us.

But healing crystals can help. How? They act as protection mechanisms for your aura, making it harder for negative energy to seep in and disrupt your balance. To do this, all you have to do is carry a few crystals on your person at all times—in your pocket or purse—and they'll do the rest!

Crystals can aid in the healing of relationships

They can help to smooth over communication issues and allow for a more open line of communication. Crystals also work to clear out negative energy and emotions that may be blocking the path to true happiness in a relationship.

How to use crystals for toxic relationships

Here are some tips on how to use crystals for this purpose:

Choose the right crystals. Some crystals that can be helpful in healing and cleansing toxic relationships include rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz.

Carry the crystals with you. Carry the crystals with you wherever you go, and hold them in your hand when you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the toxicity of the relationship.

Place the crystals around your home. Place the crystals around your home or office to create a positive energy space that will help to protect you from the negative energy of the toxic relationship.

Meditate with the crystals. Meditate with the crystals to connect with their healing energy and allow it to flow into your body and mind.

Which crystals are best for healing and cleansing toxic relationships?

Some of the most popular crystals for this purpose include rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz.

It can help to forgive those who have hurt you in the past, and it encourages compassion and unconditional love. Amethyst is another excellent choice for healing toxic relationships. It helps to calm emotional stress and anxiety, clears negative energy, and promotes positive thoughts and emotions. Clear quartz is known as the "master healer" crystal because it can be used for any type of healing work. It amplifies the effects of other crystals while clearing away negative energy and promoting clarity of thought.

If you are looking to heal and cleanse a toxic relationship, consider using one or more of these powerful crystals!


I hope that this has been helpful and that you will find the information useful. Keep in mind that it is important to practice compassion and trust your own instincts when it comes to forming positive relationships. These tips should help you deal with difficult family members, but remember that you always have the power to walk away from a situation that is harmful or toxic.

There are twelve different ways to heal yourself after a break-up, so be sure to explore as many of them as possible. And finally, don't forget that there are five gestures which will strengthen your relationship. Be sure to give them a try!

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