Crystals to Raise Vibration

Crystals to Raise Your Vibration

There is a lot of talk about "raising your vibration," but what does that really mean?

It means that you are in alignment with your highest self, or as some people call it, your "higher self."

When you raise your vibration, you are allowing more positive energy and love into your life. You are allowing yourself to connect with the divine source of love and creativity at the core of existence. This connection raises your awareness and makes you feel good.

In holistic healing this concept means that the universe vibrates at a certain frequency and that we can influence our own health by changing our vibration.

So, how does this work? Crystals act as antennae, picking up the energetic vibrations around us and transmitting their frequencies into our bodies. They help your chakras—those energy centers in your body that keep your energy up and running smoothly—reach their full potential. They can help you feel happier, more relaxed, more focused on your goals, and less distracted by the negative things in life—which is a big help!


How to Raise Your Vibration with Crystal

Crystals are ideal for helping you raise your vibration because they're versatile and beautiful. They can be used as jewelry or even furniture—just keep them near you when you want to feel extra energetic.

Crystals are a wonderful tool for raising vibration. Crystals are natural, and each one has its own unique energy and vibration. You can use them in different ways to raise your vibration. It's important to surround yourself with the vibration that you want to create, so the choice of crystal you use is important.

We recommend that you start by clearing out all of the old energy from the crystal you will be using by placing it in sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours. This will activate it and help it open up its energy to you. When working with crystals, it's also important to clear yourself before beginning your work with a new crystal, so that your energy doesn't overwhelm the crystal's energy.

How to Raise Your Energy Vibration

We live in a world of energy and vibrations: everything around us is made of energy, including you and me. Every thought, feeling, word, action, and event has a corresponding frequency that radiates out from us and affects everyone else on the planet.

You may have heard the phrase "high vibration." This means that you are vibrating at a higher frequency than someone else. Everyone has their own natural vibration; some are higher than others—and those who are higher vibrating have an easier time being successful in life. They attract positive things into their lives more easily. They're happier with themselves and their lives. They're also healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The good news is that you can increase your energy vibration by following these simple steps:

1) Meditate every day to raise your vibration

2) Stay positive by practicing gratitude every day

3) Do something loving for yourself every day (self-care!)

The Crystal Connection to Raising Your Vibration

Crystals, then, are a way to help you raise your own vibration by absorbing, storing, and releasing energy. While some crystals can be used for this purpose, there are ten that are most commonly associated with this practice:

Amethyst: For spiritual protection and healing

Quartz: For cleansing and purifying thought patterns and belief systems

Rose Quartz: For love and self-love

Aventurine: For personal willpower and creativity

Carnelian: For courage and grounding in physical reality

Citrine: For promoting positivity in relationships

Coral: For opening one's channels to receiving divine communication

Crystal Quartz: For raising vibration by focusing light on the crystal itself

Selenite: To manifest the highest good for all beings

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