Spectrolite Meaning

Spectrolite Meaning: The Rare Form of Labradorite with Intense Colors!


What is Spectrolite?

Spectrolite is a labradorite that only comes from Finland. It is so rare and high-quality, in fact, that it has been given its own name: spectrolite. The two gemstones in the passage are labradorite and spectrolite. Labradorite's base is more transparent, while spectrolite's is more opaque. This difference in opacity accounts for the different colors seen in these gemstones.

Spectrolites are highly prized for their intense colors and rarity, making them a valuable commodity on the market today. If you're lucky enough to find one, be prepared to pay a pretty penny!

Spectrolite Meaning

Labradorite is a type of feldspar mineral that is most commonly found in Labrador, Canada. It gets its name from where it was first discovered and is known for its intense colors. Spectrolite is a rare form of labradorite that has an even more colorful appearance than regular labradorite.

Spectrolite is said to have many metaphysical properties including protection from negative energies, enhancement of psychic powers, and bringing awareness to any existing talents the person may have. It is also thought to be a stone of wisdom and transformation.

How is Spectrolite different from other types of Labradorite?

Spectrolite is a type of labradorite that is highly sought-after by many enthusiasts. This gemstone is known for its intense colors, which are reflected from the "labradorescence" phenomenon. Unlike other types of labradorites, spectrolite comes from only one source: the deposit of Spectrolite bedrock at Ylamaa in Finland.

Spectrolite is also unique because its colors reflect shades of pink and orange.

Where can you find Spectrolite?

You can find spectrolite for sale at some gem and mineral shows.

What are the prices for Spectrolite?

The prices for Spectrolite can vary depending on its overall quality. For example, a gemstone with fewer inclusions will generally be more expensive than one with more. Additionally, the difference in prices for natural Spectrolite between countries depends on the country's supply and demand cycle. If there is high demand in a certain country but low supply, the price of Spectrolite will be higher than in other countries where the gemstone is more abundant.

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