Amethyst Cacoxenite - Super Seven - Melody Stone, Sacred Seven Crystals

Amethyst Cacoxenite or Super Seven Stone (also known as "Sacred Seven" or "Melody stone") is a special type of amethyst-quartz crystal formation that contains seven minerals; 

  1. goethite, 
  2. cacoxenite, 
  3. rutile, 
  4. lepidocrocite, 
  5. amethyst, 
  6. clear quartz and 
  7. smoky quartz, 

which makes it a very powerful stone. 

It combines the healing and metaphysical properties of all 7 minerals. And, these sacred crystals are found only in Espirito Santo, Brazil (the name literally translates into Holy Spirit). 

The amethyst, quartz both clear and smokey are all amazing healing crystals but to add the Cacoxenite, Black Rutile, Lepidocrocite, and Geothite and you get a powerful combination of crystal energy in each crystal.

Cacoxenite is thought to raise spiritual awareness and a sense of divine purpose.   Cacoxenite appears as golden, radiant clumps of crystal embedded within a host crystal, thus adding to the beauty and energetic qualities of the crystal in which it appears.

Cacoxenite is a crystal that is believed to make something that is already good even better.  It improves the qualities of its host crystal.  Cacoxenite is a stone of positivity and ascension, aligning us with higher spiritual realms.  The vibrational qualities of Cacoxenite provide us with spiritual guidance, helping us sense where we have strayed from our spiritual path and guiding us back onto the correct path.Cacoxenite is a positive mineral allowing the user to see all beneficial and constructive outcomes and situations.

Rutile will help heal, balance and repel against negative aura energy. Rutile will help with any blockages and help send your messages to the spiritual world.  Rutile is a mineral made up of mainly titanium dioxide. It is another material that is mainly seen as inclusions within quartz and also topaz. Additionally, rutile gives some sapphires and rubies the "silk" that is highly regarded by gemologists, and causes some gems to have asterism (the star effect) or chatoyancy (the cat's eye effect).

Rutile is also considered to be helpful in easing negative energy such as worry and anxiety. Additionally, some say that rutile amplifies both the powers of other quartz crystals and the thoughts of the wearer.

Goethite is said to be a stone of spiritual communication.  Geothite inspires the imagination and brings the energy for pursuits of discovery. Geothite helps attune you to the ethereal realms, and will enhance communication with Angels. It also is said to be clairaudience and allows one to hear the songs of the ethers.  

Lepidocrocite this mineral is all about grounding, and enhancing the chakras and auric bodies. When mixed with Amethyst and Quartz it enhances your perception, intuition, and instinct.  

Lepidocrocite is also known as esmeraldite or hydrohematite. It is a deep red or red-brown mineral which has the same chemical formula as goethite, but a different crystal structure. Often, reddish quartz inclusions that are assumed to be lepidocrocite are actually hematite. Lepidocrocite is believed to aid communication and understanding, especially between lovers. Additionally, it is thought to calm hyperactivity and block negative energy.  

Amethyst is one and one of the most prized members of the quartz family. The purple color of amethyst comes from traces of iron and aluminum. Amethyst can be pale or deep purple and may be translucent to transparent, and also occurs as geodes. With regard to crystal healing, amethyst is thought to enhance cognitive ability and is recommended for creativity and focus.

Clear quartz, also known as "white quartz" or "rock crystal" is the purest form of quartz, which is made up of silicon dioxide. Clear quartz can contain inclusions of goethite, rutile or other materials. Quartz with rutile inclusions is traded as "rutile quartz. The rutile appears as needle-like inclusions that are usually golden, reddish or black. Clear quartz is believed to amplify existing energy and open the mind and heart of the wearer.

Smoky quartz is brown to black or smoky gray quartz. It can be translucent or transparent. The color comes from natural radiation that occurs over time within the earth. The chocolate color of smoky quartz makes it a popular jewelry gemstone. Smoky quartz is associated with magic, since it is thought to ground its wearer, protect against negative energy and assist healing.

Super seven stone appears to contain an amazing combination of crystal healing properties.  A very spiritual and energetic crystal to work with on your spiritual journey.