Azurite Properties


Stone of Heaven

Azurite is a beautiful deep blue stone, known as the ‘stone of heaven’, stimulating the pursuit of one’s heavenly self, providing for guidance through the third eye, allowing for precise verbalization  of one’s psychic experiences.

In Native American cultures, Azurite has been used as a very sacred stone, facilitating contact with ones spiritual Indian guide; allowing one to both feel the presence and understand the meaning of the visit and the message.

It is said that the name Azurite comes from the Persian word lazhaward meaning ‘blue’.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used to ground the stone and use not only for medicinal purposes but also for dye and paint coloring.

What are the Scientific Properties of Azurite?

Mohs Hardness of 3.5 with a monoclinic crystal structure

Azurite is an azure blue copper mineral, it is occasionally found as prismatic crystals, although it is very rarely ever faceted into a gem.  More often it is found in massive form inter-grown with Malachite coming about as a result of the weathering and oxidation of copper sulfide minerals.

Azurite is found in many particular copper mining areas such as Australia, Chile, Africa and China.  Stones from Chessy, which is near Lyons in France are named Chessylite.

What are the Metaphysical Properties of Azurite?

It is said that the Mayans used Azurite to stimulate and inspire the actualization f the mystic self, concentrating on the psychic to facilitate the transfer of information knowledge and wisdom vian thought alone.

I may help assist in bringing forth required information which will help open to both understand and release the damaging energy from within oneself. This energy thus being an antecedent to, catalyst for and cause of many dis-ease, the releasing of which shall reverse or repel the presence of the ailments.

It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily, assisting one to enter the void of the “no mind” state which is required to allow one deep travel within the inner being, while integrating a myriad of visual images which shall be made available on a journey such as this.

As well as enhancing prophecy and divination Azurite may also assist in the control of the energy flow to bring about the exact right amount for any situation.  Azurite enhances creativity, as well as inspiration and intuition.

What are the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Azurite from Ancient Lore?

Azurite was known to address issues related to any type of dysfunctional throat and/or neck issue, such as sore throat, neck ache, thyroid dis-ease, hearing problems and asthma. It can also assist the body in utilizing oxygen which in turn helps strengthen the blood.

Said to have been used in the treatment of spinal realignment, to properly align the vertebrae, rib cage and small bones, specifically those bones that have been malformed.  Told to heal the kidney, bladder and liver issues, treating the spleen and adding in detoxification of the entire body.

Azurite, emotionally was thought to clear stress, worry, grief and sadness as well as adding more light to the emotions. It transforms phobias as well as bringing and understanding as to why the phobias exist in the first place. It was beleived to help one when due to nervousness talks a great deal but at the same time holds back from self-expression.

Azurite should be cleansed after healing with a sage or sweet grass smoke/smudge and recharged by starlight. Azurite is beleived to be a sensitive stone and may have a tendency to crumble if immersed in liquid for to long or too often.

What are the Magical Properties of Azurite?

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Yemanja, The Mother Goddess 
Powers: Psychic Powers, Divination & Dreams
Candle Color: Bright Blue

Azurite allows one to let go of programmed belief systems, challenging one to move into the unknown without fear, reaching with deeper insight and affording a new reality.  The old beliefs will gently rise into the conscious to be tested against the truth, allowing all to be seen in the true light.

If one has the desire to achieve deep meditation or astral travel, especially across time and space, Azurite is a wonderful stone to use, placed on the Third Eye to aid in one’s experience and expand the inner vision.  Opening and removing blockages to one’s psychic powers, higher wisdom and spiritual awareness.

It is not recommended to attempt this type of astral travel more often than once in any one day period.  Frequent use in this manner tends to create a ‘spacey’ feeling, which may become a problem when attempting any other psychic work.

Azurite should be cleansed after healing with a sage or sweet grass smoke/smudge and recharged by starlight.

What are the Astrological/Zodiac Properties of Azurite?

Zodiac Stone of: Sagittarius & Capricorn

Associations: Jupiter

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month.

Stone of Capricorn, Azurite symbolized insight and discovery as well as promoting a sense of justice.

What are the Chakra Healing Properties of Azurite?

Associated with the 5th, Throat Chakra, as well as the 6th, Third Eye/Brow which assists in activating the 7th, Crown Chakra.

As a powerful vision enhancer for the Third Eye, Azurite may balance, stimulate and empower all three at once…it is also not uncommon for this stone to align all seven chakras at once.