Charoite Properties



Stone of Ultimate Transformation

Being a fairly  ‘young’ stone, Charoite has on one hand very little new information being circulated about it. But since it is young, it has also been thoroughly tested by those in the metaphysical field in an attempt to understand it’s power and energy more intimately, in which gives us a great deal more information.

Colors of Charoite can range from a bright lovely lavender, a gentle lilac, a strong violet or a very grounded dark purple. Being new, and a bit unusual looking, with it’s lively colors, Charoite is often mistaken for a synthetic gemstone or a lesser gemstone that has been dyed.  In it’s short “life”, it has been mistaken for Sugilite as well as Lepidolite.  With a more public understanding and a better knowledge of it’s properties, this stone will be recognized as the incredible gift that it is.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 5-6 with a triclinic crystal structure.

Charoite is quite an unusual stone of quite rare occurrence, found today in only one location in Russia. Formed from an alteration of limestone within close proximity of an alkali rich nephline syenite intrusion with swirling patterns of black Augite, transparent crystals of microcline feldspar, and/or orange Tinaksite. Although this may seem common to some, it is the pressure and heat with the infusion of those chemicals that are responsible for the ‘ingredients’ to be completely transformed into a brand new mineral ~ Charoite.

Quite similar to the cylinders of a lock falling into place before a treasure can be revealed, Charoite was created with a very unique combination of chemically unique limestone, subjected to a chemically unique liquid intrusion and then exposed to a very unique set of physical conditions, which is likely why it has not be found in any other locations as of yet.

Charoite has been used as an ornamental stone as well as a gemstone. With the swirling patterns of interlocking crystals,  the look of charoite is unlike any other gemstone or minerals. It has the appearance of what some call purple marble, but truly it defies proper description.  It is likely that this incredible find would have gained much greater popularity over the years if it weren’t for it’s ‘synthetic’ looks. It is akin to finding a black flower,  it is simply unnaturally beautiful, defying common sense, and is difficult to explain.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Most often called The Stone of Transformation, in conjunction with it’s youthful life, Charoite has been linked with all five elements, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, as representing the transformation of one element to the next and how they are intricately intertwined.  It has been suggested, due to this belief and it’s brilliant purple color, that it also represents Akasha, or the 5th/Spirit Element, making Charoite one true stone of ultimate transformation.

This “Stone of Transformation” is a soul stone. It stimulates inner vision, spiritual insight, overcomes fear, and assists in coping with incredible change at a spiritual level.  Charoite literally encourages vibrational change linking one to a higher level spiritual reality.  During the transformation process, this stone transforms negative emotions such as fear and anger into positive energies, thus allowing the release of all that is holding one back from the change that allows forward movement, which is particularly useful in putting things into perspective, and seeing one’s own ‘new possibilities’ even in the most stagnant of situations.

Said to bring enhanced creativity, inspiration and spiritual growth, Charoite allows one to clearly see on many levels, which brings with it heightened self esteem, permitting one to be released from many prior victimizations that may be attached to one’s spirit.  As well, this brings with it an ability to recognize and understand any negative vibrations attached to anything in one’s life, hence facilitating the ability to accept others regardless of the spiritual development or actualization they may be experiencing.

It is often said that if one is not completely in tune to manifesting our potential as human beings, that it is likely fear that is in some way impeding that process. This stone enables one to explore the nature of those fears, recognize the areas that one may feel limited, and enable us to connect with Spirit.

Charoite is said to assist in bringing those fears to the surface in a gentle manner, making it easier for one to process the fear by offering a boost of courage and commitment to dissolve the unwanted fear energy. When this is accomplished, one may continue to gain attunement, assisting in the truth that when one door closes another is opened, and the understanding the fact that one is, in fact, exactly where one should be during the very moment.

If one chooses to mediate with Charoite, it is helpful to allow time afterward to contemplate and assimilate what you have learned during your meditation. Additionally, if a Charoite is placed under the pillow while sleeping, and paired with an Amethyst, sleep will be less disturbed, as many of those fears which surface in dreams will be released and removed.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Charoite physically is known to help accelerate healing of all kinds, reenergizing the body when one is exhausted, healing, and integrating dualities and balances of all means.

Assists in regulating blood pressure, heart issues, cramps, eye problems, liver issues – including assistance in the detoxification of the liver due to alcohol related symptoms.

An excellent physical cleanser for the body when used an elixir, as well as bestowing powerful but peaceful dreams, helping to overcome insomnia in the process.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water / Air / Fire /Earth / Akasha
Planet: Jupiter & Neptune
Minerva, Vac
Powers:  Healing, Power, Love, Protection
Candle Color: Any Shade of Purple

Charoite awakens one’s analytical abilities, providing precision scrutiny during the investigation of the unknown. This Stone of Transformation includes the movement from within this world to another.

It will also assist one in the actualization of visioning and second-site, known to bestow inner strength, courage, and the appropriate assertiveness when one is working in the psychic realm for rescue work or entity release, building the gifts of clairvoyance and prophecy.

To cleanse this wonderful stone, place under lukewarm running water shortly or within the sound of natural running water for a minimum of an hour, then place in the sun to recharge.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Sagittarius & Scorpio

Associations: Jupiter

Birthstone: Not a Traditional or Modern Birthstone for any month.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Charoite synthesizes. clears, and balances the 7th, Crown Chakra, as well as cleansing the aura transmuting negative energy and assisting to stimulate the experience of unconditional love by helping one in overcoming the sense of alienation or frustration by opening the heart.