Chrysocolla Properties



The Stone of Earth Energies

In ancient lore, the Egyptians called Chrysocolla the “Wise Stone of Conciliation” and reassurance throughout the world. As legend reports, those who wore this stone generally came up with clever compromises in all types of situation that outwardly appeared unbearable and impossible to negotiate. At the same time, these people seemed to be protected from psychological damage that often people in negotiation succumb to.

Chrysocolla is often confused with Turquoise, but is actually nothing like Turquoise past the visual inspection.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 2 with a monoclinic crystal structure

Chrysocolla generally appears in clusters like grapes or in  a crust. More often than not they are intergrown with Opal, Quartz, Malachite, Azurite and/or Turquoise.

When intergrown with Malachite and Turquoise, it is referred to as Elilat Stone. And when mingled with Quartz, it is referred to as Stellarite, which is an entirely different stone from Zoisite, which appears very similar. Gem Sillica is what Chrysocolla is known for in it’s gem state.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

This stone is most generally associated with peace, tranquility, patience, and unconditional love.  Said to offer gentle and soothing qualities, believed to improve intuition, and as a power source of life force energy.   Told to be a stone of great feminine empowerment, assisting to build feminine energies, calm emotions, clearing the subconscious of guilt, fear, and tension, which builds exceptional inner strength.

Gem Silica is a crystal of the Goddess, helpful in dealing with anger and pain associated with rape or abuse of any kind, allowing the necessary inner forgiveness by releasing old resentments that one’s been holding on to or have been resistant to other attempts.

Known to be very useful when one is looking to express emotions which are fire based such as fear, anger, passion, or excitement. Told to promote level headedness, clarity of thought and a calm neutral attitude during times of turbulence. Chrysocolla draws out negative energies of all types, allowing one to accept situations with serenity when things are in constant change or turmoil, invoking inner strength that is beneficial to all types of relationships that have become unstable as well.  Known to rectify imbalance in the thyroid and metabolism as well.

Healing Gemstone Properties

For healing purposes, Chrysocolla helps one provide insight into that which is necessary to the emotions, intellect, and physical body. To help one attune to the perfection of the Universe, and facilitate realignment toward the perfect state of health on all levels.

Referred to as the ‘women’s stone’, Chrysocolla enhances the female creative energy in all, as well as healing most female specific issues particularly related to hormones and reproduction from puberty right through to the end of the woman’s earthly life.

Chrysocolla is recommended for victims of incest or who have suffered any other sexual abuse. Aids in releasing anger, old resentments, as well as fostering forgiveness so that one might let go of the negative energies tethered to them and move forward.

Once thought to drive off unreasonable fear and illusions, it is a stone of peace that soothes the emotions. It is known to open the Third Eye to offer immense spiritual benefits, assisting to clear the subconscious of guilt, fear, and tension; calming the emotions.

Physically, Chrysocolla assists in alleviating cramps, infections of the throat, detoxifying the liver, lowering blood pressure (heart), or assisting recovery from burns.  As well, it is known to relieve ulcers and arthritis, strengthening thyroid and benefiting the metabolism.  It is most effective when in constant contact with the skin.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Powers: Peace, Love and Wisdom
Candle Color: Turquoise

Chrysocolla creates a bridge of energy between the Earth and the Sky, between the physical and the spiritual planes. When worn in direct contact with the skin, Chrysocolla grants one the power of increased wisdom from the spiritual plane.

A stone with very feminine energies, Chrysocolla eases the mental and emotional wounds of any troubled relationship by relieving tension and bringing out ones inner strengths. And is also worn or used in spells that are cast to attract love.

Chrysocolla should be cleansed once a month under warm running water and then recharged in a vessel with tumbled Hematite overnight.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Taurus

Associations: Venus

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month.
Although most often referenced and associated to Taurus, it is also attributed to Cancer, Aquarius, Libra, & Virgo.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Chrysocolla is one of the more ‘all purpose’ gemstones when it comes to chakra work.  Said to increase awareness on all levels, bringing light to the aura, as well as revitalizing all the chakras.  It is quite cleansing as it absorbs all heaviness and negativity.  Chrysocolla revitalizes and calms the 1st,Base,  2nd, Navel and 3rd Solar Plexus Chakras all at once.

Working with the 4th, Heart Chakra it helps to flush and heal heart blocks, and ease emotional heartache, and further increases one’s capacity to love. With the 5th, Throat Chakra, it enhances creativity and strengthens communication. it assists one to refrain from verbalizing subjects that are best left unsaid, for all those involved. Chrysocolla works well in removing all blocks to creative energies regardless of the profession.