Crystal Grids - Introduction

Crystal grids are powerful tools to use for manifesting your desires, goals and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combination of energies created between the stones, the color of the stones, and thoughts created in your minds when consciously or unconsciously then thinking about the crystal grid your create. The combination of the power and geometric pattern arranged crystals greatly strengthens your focused intention to manifest desires much quicker.

Using crystal grids will allow you to combine the power of the structural patterns that form our universe with the healing and spiritual energies of crystals. Crystal grids will greatly expand the effectiveness of crystals by combining their mystical powers.
It is like the difference between a single player on a sports field and a full team in the proper formation for a play, a crystal by itself certainly has energy and capability, but when it is part of a well-constructed grid, its effects are combined with those of other crystals.

No matter what your need, with the knowledge and guidance found in the following sections of our website, you can construct a highly effective crystal grid to align and amplify the universal life force for any aspiration you desire.

Combining grid structures and crystal energies needs to be done with knowledge and purpose. Just like any great sports team,  putting the right combination of the right crystals in the right places is required for optimum results.   Knowing which crystals to place where requires knowledge of the energies of crystals, their crystal energy matrices, and their color rays of influence.

To know which grid pattern to use, we need to unlock the secrets of the patterns of the universe. We next need to apply that knowledge to focus, amplify, and harmonize the energies of the crystals. Then we combine this with our thoughts and intentions to get the most out of the crystal grid.