Garnet Stone Meaning, Properties, and Examples



The Stone of “Love & Commitment”

Garnets have been widely known for thousands of years, and it has long been known as the warriors stone, as soldiers from the world over wore or carried this gem as a talisman against death and injury.  But it was also said to bring victory, peace, and tranquility, as well as healing injuries by stopping the flow of blood. Ancient medical men used to place Garnets inside of open wounds to stop the bleeding and assist in healing.

It is said that Garnets are a type of Karma Stone. If it is given as a gift, it is told to grant affection and loyalty. But when a Garnet is stolen it is said to bring terribly bad luck to the thief until it is returned to it’s rightful owner. It is believed to bring great success to the trustworthy businessman, especially the bright green varieties. Yet the unscrupulous best beware of a Garnet that loses it’s luster as it means danger and disaster.

The ancient stories speak of a lantern made of Garnet, and that Noah used it in order to steer his ark through the darkness of the rainy nights. Many other travelers and explorers have worn Garnets for protection as they have long been considered talismans and protective stones. It was believed that Garnets illuminated the night and were able to keep the wearer safe from evil of any sort. Modern science has said that this proverbial luminosity of the stone was caused by the high refraction of light…although the magic of the original lore is much more interesting.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 6.5-7.5 with a trigonal crystal structure

The name ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin granatus, which is a possible reference to the Malum Garanatum (the pomegranate) a plant with red seeds similar in shape and color to many garnet crystals.  There is also a common misconception that Garnets present only in shades of red. They do in fact come in a wide variety of colors. Garnets are a large related group of similar minerals, the variation in minerals create the differing colors. Some of those variations are:

  • almandine (dark red to violet red)
  • andradite (colorless to black)
  • demantoid (emerald green)
  • grossular (white, yellow, yellow green, brownish-red, orange or black))
  • hessonite (orange to brown)
  • pyrope (blood red)
  • rhodolite (rose red or pale pink/violet)
  • spessarite/spessartine (orange to reddish-brown)
  • uvarovite (bright green)

The lack of a blue Garnet was remedied in 1998 following the discovery of color-change blue to red/pink material in Bekily, Madagascar. These stones are very rare. Color-change Garnets are by far the rarest Garnets (except Uvarovite, which does not come in cuttable sizes).

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Garnets, the stone of “Love & Commitment”, is a stone of romantic love and passion as well as inspiring love and devotion.  It is also used to enhance sexuality, sensuality and intimacy. It is told that Garnets in jewelry will help to generate popularity amongst peers and attract attention of lovers. Garnet will help to alleviate depression and is used for gentle spiritual healing. It is also commonly considered a good stone for successful business ventures. It will assist in building one’s self-confidence, especially if one’s chosen field in in the creative sphere. Garnet will bring positive thoughts as well as boosting energy. It will help overcome writer’s block and general lack of inspiration in any field.
It is said to be a protective stone shielding one from would be thieves, whether that theft be one’s possessions, financials, ideas, or even credit for work one’s done. As well, Garnets promote mutual assistance in times of trouble, sharpening the perceptions of all those involved. Activating, strengthening and fortify the survival instinct, Garnet will help to alleviate any paralyzing fears, bringing courage to what may appear to be a hopeless situation. It is known to transform a crisis into a challenge allowing clearer vision of the solution.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Garnet is an incredible purifier for the entire body, regenerates blood, heart and lungs, and assists in the assimilation of necessary vitamins and minerals. Garnets stimulate the metabolism and have a strong link to the pituitary glands. It is also a personal warmer, heating up the fingers and toes with the improved blood flow.  It may alleviate the acute pain of gallstones, and is used to stimulate healthy antibody growth against infections, and is often used to stimulate fertility as well.
Emotionally, Garnets heal by allowing one to let go of obsolete or useless ideas. Assisting to bypass resistance of the self induced unconscious, dissolving ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serve one well.  Garnet will open up the heart and bestow self confidence, as well as removing inhibitions and taboos to revitalize feelings for a loved one and enhance sexuality.
Spiritually, a Garnet placed on the brow or even visualized while meditation on past lives, will be quite helpful in bringing about the information that is being searched for or meditated upon. Important information that is sought for will be released, it may be painful, but also just what the searcher is needing to recognize. Remember it is a protective stone and what information may be released is necessary for awareness and spiritual healing. Garnet is a stone of truth, purity, love and compassion. One must simply trust the information and allow for the healing.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Powers: Healing,  Protection, Strength
Candle Color: Dark Red

Garnets hold not only the power to protect its wearer from negative energies, but to also deflect those negative energies back to their origins. Which is particularly useful when one is present within a situation and may be the brunt of gossip or lies, even negative remarks. If in possession of a Garnet, hold it between the perpetrators and oneself, or simply visualize one in between, this will not only create a shield but deflect. The energy rebound will likely go completely unnoticed until they suffer the result of their own negativity. It is a psychic shield in crowded places or at any time one is feeling vulnerable.

Focus on Garnet during meditation or ritual to attain what one feels passionately about, whether that be a job, creative venture or another. It is a fiery stone worn to enhance physical endurance and vigor. It is worn during magic to tap extra energy during ritual. Wear or carry a Garnet when exerting oneself physically or emotionally.

For help with  increasing business energy, place three or more Garnets around one’s work area, the improvement should be quite forthcoming.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, and Aquarius

Associations: Mars

Birthstone: Modern, Traditional & Ancient Birthstone for the Month of January, Planetary Birthstone for Scorpio, and  Anniversary Stone for the 2nd Year

Garnet is associated with the planet Mars, which represents survival, desire action and energy. It is the planet that rules over attraction, sexual desire and raw energetic forces. Garnets are therefore aligned with individual ambitions and motivations. It will help one attain ones personal goals.  Which is the correlation of it being the birthstone for the month of January. These concepts are the makings for New Years resolutions, implementing steps or ideas for self improvement, whether they be physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Garnets are used for overcoming personal obstacles caused by negativity. It is believed to brighten dark souls and bring hope to people who are waning.

Garnet is also a Talisman stone for those born under the sign of Taurus.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

All Garnets assist in balancing the 1st, Root Chakra, it is also beneficial for other chakras as well depending on the color. Garnets cleanse and energize the chakras, revitalizing, purifying and balancing the energies.

In it’s red form it is particularly helpful in stimulating both the 1st, Root Chakra as well as the 7th, Crown Chakra to provide free flowing movement via the inner pathway of light, distributing the appropriate amount of energy for each portion of the body. This in turn assists in stimulating the Kundalini energy by regenerating and transmuting at the same time, clearing negative energies to help one keep concentration on the higher plane.

Garnets will strengthen the aura to create a highly charged shield of positive vibrations that will repel negative energies upon contact!

More Information about Garnet

Garnet Stone Varieties

There are several types of garnets, but this article is about the common red garnet. The most common garnet is known as the red garnet and is made from the mineral almandine. They are found in metamorphic rocks, in granite and gneiss, and in pegmatites. Red garnets can be seen in almost all states in America. You can find them in many places around the world, like Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Canada and Russia.

Most garnets are opaque, but the gemstone quality garnet are transparent. At Mystic Crystal Imports we have both types in stock.

Garnet Stone & Crystal Examples

A garnet is a form of the mineral species Pyrope, which is a red gemstone that comes in many different shades. There are several types of garnets, including almandine, pyrope, hessonite, and spessartine. Garnet most commonly occurs in metamorphic rocks, such as granite or gneisses. It gets its name from the Latin word granatus, meaning grain-shaped.Garnet was so revered by medieval jewelers that it was implemented into everything from rings to brooches to buckles.

Garnets were used in jewelry dating back to around 200 BC in Rome. The Romans had a strong connection with the stone and believed it had the power to protect against evil. In fact, it was considered an especially effective protection against witchcraft because of its deep red color—witchcraft was often carried out in the dead of night by wearing black clothing and traveling by foot at night, so garnet's color would help protect the wearer from unwanted evil spirits.

Garnet is known for its beauty and protective properties, specifically related to the heart chakra.

Garnet Crystal Colors

The garnet is a gemstone that's often associated with the color red, but it can be found in many other hues, too. Garnet is a generic name for many different minerals, and each of those minerals is named after its color.

The most common garnets are: Pyrope (dark red), Almandine (red), Spessartite (orange), Rhodolite (pink), Grossularite (green), and Andradite (black).

The Garnet crystal was popularized in medieval times and was used for wear by the wealthy. It is thought to be a protective talisman against negative energy, and is also known for its beauty and healing properties. The Garnet crystal colors are deep dark reds and intense colors, which makes it attractive to many people.

Garnet Jewels

Red Garnet jewelry has been a part of the lives of many women for centuries, and today it's more popular than ever. But what makes this jewelry so special?

Garnet History & Lore

The history of Red Garnet dates back to the age of Pharaos, when it was discovered that Red Garnets could be used to fuel powerful spells. The magic-fueling properties of a single Red Garnet necklace were enough to keep the entire Egyptian court running for several months, and in fact only one pharaoh was ever poisoned by it—Cleopatra, who thought she could use Red Garnet's magic properties to poison her enemies.

Red Garnet gained popularity during the Middle Ages when European royalty began to wear Red Garnets as symbols of power and wealth. The stone was believed to be a powerful talisman that increased its wearer's personal magnetism and their ability to influence people with their words. This made Red Garnet an ideal gemstone for royalty; not only did it make them appear more attractive, but it also allowed them to feel more confident about themselves.

During the Victorian era, Red Garnets fell out of favor with nobility and became popular among middle-class women instead, who valued the gemstones for their beauty as well as their ability to boost charisma and self-confidence. Red Garnet is a stone of the heart, bringing love into one's life and encouraging passion in relationships. It also brings compassion and caring to one's nature, making this a great stone for healers. Garnets are believed to have properties that help improve the wearer's intuition and mental clarity.

Red Garnet Birthstone

January's birthstone is red garnet.

While February celebrates the amethyst color, January's birthstone displays a fiery red glow. While many gemstones are mined, red garnets are actually created through the process of crystallization, which occurs when diamonds are subjected to great amounts of pressure over millions of years.

Garnet is also one of the oldest gemstones and has been used for thousands of years as a symbol of devotion and faithfulness. One particularly alluring legend tells the story of a warrior who threw his sword into the ocean to prove his love for his beloved. He then found her in the form of a beautiful, deep red garnet—a symbolic representation of their undying devotion.

Red Garnet Meaning & Crystal Properties

If you've ever doubted that your actions have consequences, look no further than the red garnet. This stone is filled with fire and passion for life, and it will create a storm of energy in your life when worn. Red garnet's power can help you let go of the old, so that you may experience the new.

You have to be willing to change; if you are not prepared for change, then this stone will not help you. Garnet is a gemstone of commitment, because it also represents a commitment to changing old habits and behaviors. If you decide to wear garnet as an accessory, be aware that you're making a commitment to living with passion and being unafraid to make changes.

The positive energies of garnet can also help make your days more full of possibilities. When you approach each day with confidence and certainty, you open yourself up to many new possibilities that might not have been available otherwise. If you choose garnet as a part of your life, don't forget that it represents a commitment to positive change—not only in yourself but for everyone around you.

Garnet is an excellent stone for manifesting desires. It helps you to be unafraid of change and encourages you to open yourself up to new possibilities. It is also a stone of commitment, so don't forget to be true to yourself and others around you.

Red Garnet Gemstone Meaning

Garnet is a stone of energy, transformation, and commitment because of its healing properties. It can help you change old behaviors, habits, thoughts, and ideas so that you can open your life to many new possibilities. Having this gemstone in your life can help you better control the flow of energies that will affect you on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level. But not everyone knows that it can be a great stone to wear for protection against negative energies. Because garnet helps you deal with the flow of energies that will affect you on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level. Therefore, it also serves as a powerful tool in your spiritual growth and development.

If you're on the hunt for a stone that can strengthen your soul, mind, and body, garnet is the perfect choice. Its unique properties can help you release negative emotions while embracing positivity and abundance. In fact, garnet's healing powers extend beyond the physical level to enrich your emotional and spiritual well-being. With this gemstone in your life, you can break free from old habits, behaviors, thoughts, and ideas without fearing the unknown. Knowing your comfort zone will expand naturally with garnet's help gives you the confidence to move forward in a positive direction.

The fiery red of garnet gemstones is said to represent passion, vigor, and strength. If you want to find the love of your life, or if you want to conquer the world, garnet gemstones are said to help. Legend has it that the red garnet is capable of banishing all negative energy from your presence and drawing in good vibrations. It will increase your courage and strengthen your resolve. Garnet is believed to be a steadfast stone—a true friend in times of need. It's said that this powerful gemstone can help you maintain a sense of clarity even during times when you've lost sight of what's important. If you're interested in becoming pregnant, the red garnet is said to promote fertility, enhance your relationship with your partner during pregnancy, and make childbirth easier. In ancient Sanskrit texts, garnets are referred to as "ratnas," which translates literally as "jewels."

Garnet Energy Properties

The color of Red Garnet is a powerful one. It's an energy that is both grounding and connected to our root chakra, which allows us to feel a connection with the earth.

As crystals, Garnets are referred to as the "stone of the soul," in which they help bring out all of our emotions. They also have a very calming effect, even for people who are prone to anxiety or depression. The garnet crystal helps harmonize issues of power and control. When we're feeling out of control or lacking in confidence, Garnets can help re-energize our inner strength and help us find harmony between ourselves and those around us.

It is also used in a variety of other ways, including as part of holistic wellness practices.

Red garnet is associated with the root chakra, which provides a connection to our sense of self and our sense of purpose in life. The fact that the garnet has such deep red tones reflects this connection and helps us access the energy from this chakra. It is an excellent crystal for removing negative energy and clearing bad energy from your chakras. Garnet's energy will help you achieve your goals, boost motivation, prevent frustration, anger, and reject bad energy. It can open the heart and remove inhibitions.


Wealth Properties of Garnet

Garnet is an ancient gemstone that has been used for thousands of years. In fact, garnet was used in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, in Biblical times, and even in the Victorian period.

Garnet has many properties that make it a good choice for wealth-related rituals and ceremonies. It is a gemstone that's known for promoting practicality and ambition, resisting negative energy, and protecting the wearer from financial difficulties. This makes garnet an excellent choice for those who are looking to improve their financial situation.

Garnet is a gemstone that has been cherished by humans for its beauty and power throughout the ages. It has a deep, rich color that is easily recognizable as "garnet" and comes in a wide variety of hues, which makes it an excellent choice for any jewelry-making project. Its many properties make it ideal for wealth-related ceremonies and rituals.

The most notable property of garnet is its ability to protect the wearer from financial difficulty. The stone is associated with the root chakra, which encourages groundedness and stability. This trait translates into financial success because it encourages the wearer to think clearly and make decisions based on practicality rather than impulse or emotion.

It is known for encouraging ambition in the wearer; It helps bring positive energy into the environment; It is thought to help attract wealth to the wearer; It encourages communication between people, which can lead to lucrative business deals; It promotes practicality, which can lead to smarter spending decisions.