Kyanite Properties



Stone of Immediate Alignment

Kyanite is a fairly new gemstone, being discovered during the nineteenth century; the most popular color being the vibrant cornflower or blue-green hue.  It does present in other colors such as gray, yellow, white, and a very rare variety that is completely colorless.

Ancient stories tell us that Kyanite was used as a traveler’s compass, as it was believed that the stone possessed the ability to follow earth’s magnetic force, and it was  therefor suspended from string or even human hair to be allowed movement.

It is said that the name Kyanite is derived from the Greek word kyanos meaning blue, although there are hues of Kyanite that resemble Aquamarine.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 4-7 with a triclinic crystal structure

Kyanite is a wonderfully rare polymorph that actually displays two separate hardness within one gemstone, they may be softer parallel to the direction of the cleavage and harder to the perpendicular. This is a unique characteristic within the gem world.

Much like the Diamond, Kyanite has perfect cleavage in one direction. This combined with its varying harness, makes this stone quite a challenge to cut.

Occurring in a variety of locations, the best deposits are told to hail from the Kali Gandaki Region of West Central Nepal, as well as Tibet.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Kyanite is a gemstone that does not accumulate negative energies or vibrations (one of the few), and it therefore never requires cleansed or to be cleared.  As the energy of Kyanite is said to be all but unlimited, it is told to be one of the best gemstones for use as an attunement stone.

Kyanite is known to induce tranquility and calm within one, as well as enhancing communication and psychic awareness. As well, it eases, enhances, and supports mediation efforts easily and quickly.

This is an ideal stone to be worn around the neck, as it is told to have beneficial effects on the throat. It will promote the ability to speak more easily and express oneself more clearly, and may even assist in learning a new language if one so desires. Anyone who is in a position where they are required to speak at great lengths would benefit by wearing Kyanite around their neck.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Used to treat many ailments of the neck, it is also used to treat hearing disorders, eye ailments, and any issues that deal with the sense of smell.

It is a tool used for relaxation and meditation, to enhance creativity, broaden perception, and enhancing understanding of others. Kyanite fosters tranquility, creating a positive effect on one’s dreams, visualizations, and foresight.

It is an excellent stone for restoring the body’s balance, by being an energy conduit; quieting the mind, creating stillness and opening the mind.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Jupiter
Powers: Endurance, Meditation, Love
Candle Color: Sky Blue

Kyanite is said to be used to embrace universal love fully in all it’s aspects. It assists in fostering the right frame of mind to prepare for meditation.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Aries, Libra & Taurus

Associations: Venus & Mars

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month.

Kyanite symbolizes lightness in one and is said to lead to new and refreshing thoughts.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Kyanite is known to have several uses in Chakra balancing. It is said that the dark blue shade of Kyanite will automatically and immediately align all chakras without one making a conscious decision or direction to do so. It may also align the layers of aura; specifically the astral, ethereal, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual layers. This action though may take some conscious effort.   These actions in turn may activate the Kundalini energy, so one must be delicate with the Kyanite.

Used on the 5th, Throat Chakra, Kyanite has been known to combat feelings of lack, and lighten the soul. Centered around this chakra, Kyanite promotes creativity and freedom of speech. Said to be a stone of very high vibrations which promotes spiritual attunement and allow one to connect to higher spiritual levels of knowledge and then convert this knowledge into speech.