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Labradorite with Spectrolite...

The Stone of Magic & Spiritual Insight

Labradorite with Spectrolite has Three Powerful, Trasformative Metaphysical Powers:

  • Protection Against Negative Energy
  • Aids in Spiritual Development
  • Outstanding for Chakra Healing & Balancing

What Labradorite does is it helps to raise your bright/light vibration. Clearing out any negativity that you might have in your aura. And it really helps to improve the quality of your energy field so that you hold a higher vibration (Spiritual Insight).  Clearing out any negativity that you might have in your aura.

Negative thoughts can lower your vibration if you have persistent negative thoughts. These negative thought forms can actually lodge in your aura or your energy bodies. This is not good. 

Labradorite has the metaphysical properties to counteract all this.  So, carrying a piece of labradorite, or working with it can help to release those negative thought forms that are lodged in your aura.  

If you are a sensitive person, you might actually absorb the negative thought forms from other people. And, this again, that can lower your vibration. 

The best part: You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for great crystals to add to your collection!

We at Mystic Crystal Imports believe that there are certain crystals are true gifts from Mother Earth. And, Labradorite is one. So we are offering this special gift for you.

The beauty of Labradorite is that it's kind of a grey stone that has these gorgeous flashes of color. So sometimes you find flashes of gold or green or blue or sometimes even peachy colors. Or any combination of those. And it's a really beautiful stone to look at.

There is a beautiful legend about this crystal. That long ago, there was once a great warrior that found a massive formation of Labradorite, rammed his spear into it that released rainbows trapped inside, thus creating the rainbow-like lights of the northern sky, called the aurora borealis.

Labradorite stone is a wonderful stone to have in your crystal collection. And if you don't have some yet, I would really encourage you to consider getting some. Besides its beauty, people like labradorite because it’s a crystal of positive transformation, protection, and spiritual insight.

What this stone does is it helps to raise your bright vibration. So it clears out any negativity that you might have in your aura. And it really helps to improve the quality of your energy field so that you hold a higher vibration.

Negative thoughts can lower your vibration and take on an energy form that is called a thought form. A negative

thought form can take root in your aura or your energy bodies. And when what happens, it feeds more of that negative thought back to you. If you're a sensitive person, you might actually absorb the negative thought forms from other people. And this again that can lower your vibration. So carrying a piece of Labradorite or working with it, can help to release those negative thought forms that are lodged in your aura and also heal these bad energy patterns.

This is why crystal-workers say Labradorite will you awaken your inner warrior and help you gain spiritual insight. So if you're on a spiritual path or trying to raise your consciousness, working with this stone can accelerate that in some beautiful and wonderful ways.

Now because Labradorite is such a powerful stone and it has those flashes of color, it can help you to see into the spirit world as well. So it can help you to commune with angels or positive spirit guides that you are drawn to or work with.

It can also enhance communication. If you place a beautiful piece of Labradorite into a room or have it in your environment, then it will help to purify that environment.

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Now here are some other lesser know Metaphysical Properties of Labradorite:

Independent thinking with Labradorite
In past generations, we may have been able to trust authority figures such as clan or tribal leaders, politicians, religious leaders and healers and shamans. But as we see in today’s world, it's time to start thinking more for ourselves. And, Labradorite helps you do that. It helps you a question majority or mainstream thoughts and see if they actually resonate with you. Instead of relying on other people, for providing you information and guidance, Labradorite helps you to question yourself and see what feels right to you.

So meditating with this crystal is really good for connecting with your own truth and finding your own answers.

Labradorite For Protection
It's also very protective as you go out on your own. You’ll notice that's got the shine and this shine works like a mirror deflecting anything that would cause you harm along the way. It also helps to get protect yourself against naysayers. When you come up with doing something a little bit different. Or what to do something that's not the ordinary, it actually encourages you to not take personally the negative comments of naysayers.

Cleansing and Charging Labradorite
As Labradorite has such a close connection to the aurora borealis putting it outside at night would be the ideal way to cleanse this crystal. Ideally, you want to place it out on the new moon. The new moon is the darkest of the dark nights. And this is where all the new beginnings and fresh ideas come from. Out of the void and out of the darkness.

Creativity With Labradorite
As you start to think more independently, Labradorite helps to enhance your creativity. It's especially great crystal for people that maybe artists or people who need to inspire other people. However if you just need to come up with a new fresh idea, and take some time and meditate with your Labradorite. Holding it against the third eye, and wait for that inspiration to come.

Celestial Connections
Now up in the sky, there are lots of beautiful things that connect with Labradorite. The first one, of course, is the aurora borealis. And if you not their way you can see the aurora borealis or the Aurora Australis, down south. Then simply close your eyes and visualize that. These energies are very balancing and stimulating and they help you to find balance in your life.

Planetary wise, Uranus is the planet that connects with Labradorite. Because Labradorite encourages you to go out and your own to pay own path. An alternative path. Uranus guards and looks over alternative lifestyles, alternate paths, and doing that as well.

To connect with that energy. Sit outside at night, face the direction of Uranus and draw that energy in. The final one is a star called Aortas that golden red star which is very much connected with recognition and honor.

When you go out and follow your own path, it can help you to find what you really want to do. So connected with that star can be really interesting when working in the Labradorite as well.

New Adventures with Labradorite
As you deepen your relationship with Labradorite, don't be surprised if you start planning your next getaway. Labradorite wants you to start going on your own adventures. To start paving your own path. So you live your life in a way that actually feels right with you.

When you meditate with Labradorite, it starts to ask you, what else is there, what else is there. Ask yourself that question. And start to explore what will really feed and nurture your soul.

A lot of people are drawn to Labradorite when they see a quality piece.

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What Labradorite does is it helps to raise your bright/light vibration. Clearing out any negativity that you might have in your aura.