Lapis Lazuli Properties


ˌlap-əs ˈla-zhə-lī

The Stone Before Time & Total Awareness

Lapis has been highly valued for many thousands of years. The most famous locality for fine quality Lapis Lazuli is in the same ancient deposit high in the mountains of Afghanistan where it was originally mined at least 6000 years ago.  It was said to impart ancient knowledge, and the wisdom to use it thus enhancing one’s awareness, insight, and intellect.

Until the 19th century, it was ground Lapis that was the secret to the lovely blue pigments that so many painters used to depict the sky and the sea. Meaning that when one views all of the blue hues in Renaissance paintings, it is quite likely that they are due to the lovely Lapis Lazuli.

Legend tells us that Lapis has been loved by the ancients, from Mesopotamia, to Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The ancient city of Ur it is told had a thriving trade in Lapis as early as the fourth millennium B.C.

The name is said to be derived from the Latin, lapis, which means ‘stone’ and from the Arabic,aula, which means ‘blue’.  Although when Lapis was initially introduced in Europe, it was calledultramarinum, which means “beyond the sea”.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure

Lapis Lazuli is a stone created of other stones….Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite, and Pyrite to name a few! The color, composition, and presentation is going to vary depending on the differing amounts of each mineral.  It is the deep intense blue with white and Pyrite that seem to gain the most attention.

Lapis has actually been synthesized with a composition very similar to that of the natural stone. But it has also been imitated by using dyed Jasper as well as other materials with copper or pyrite inclusions.

Natural Lapis Lazuli is generally found in boulders, or within Limestones. Afghanistan seems to have produced the best quality of Lapis for quite some time.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Lapis Lazuli is said to be quite a powerful thought amplifier, stimulating the high faculties of the mind; bringing objectivity, clarity and encouraging creativity through attunement to The Source.

Lapis is also connected with Jupiter and thus expands the intellect, wisdom, and leadership qualities, as well as helping in legal matters that arise. The stone works as a shield from psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia and let go of anxieties.

Said to help bring one to confront the truth, wherever one may find it, as well as aid in expressing one’s own opinion with harmonizing effect to the conflict. Lapis Lazuli will also help one to allow truth to be the teacher when it is necessary; encouraging self awareness, standing up for oneself, and taking charge of one’s life.

Lapis helps to bond relationships of love and friendship by assisting one in expressing truly feelings and emotions, dissolving martyrdom, cruelty, and suffering, and dissipating emotional bondage.

Lapis promotes clear understanding and intuition. It assists one in the attunement to the creative source by stimulating and expanding the realization of consciousness toward the awakening of “All That Is”

Healing Gemstone Properties

Promoting clear understanding through intuition, Lapis Lazuli allows one to find the cause of and help to balance the function of the thyroid and hormones in to stave off depression. Assisting in the proper health and function of the head and neck, vocal cords, sore throats, headaches, eye ailments, or inflammation in this area of any kind.

Benefiting the immune system, Lapis overcomes hearing loss, eye issue, purifies the blood , relieves insomnia, and vertigo, as well as lowering the blood pressure.

Lapis makes quite a powerful elixir to align the etheric, emotional, and spiritual bodies all at once.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Isis, Venus, Nuit, Maat
Powers:  Attunement, Perfection & Protection with Courage
Candle Color: Royal Blue

Lapis has timeless associations with the kings and queens of all realms. In ancient Sumer, the stone was very closely associated with deities in general. And in carrying it, it’s possessor bore the potent magical power of a deity, for the stone contained the force behind all divinity. Some said the stone contained the soul the deity, who would ‘rejoice it its owner”.

The energy of Lapis Lazuli is of very high quality, and it does not lower its power to greet mere mortals, but rather one must raise one’s power to match it’s. One must raise the mental, emotional, and spiritual energies to connect with the Lapis Lazuli. It teaches one to set aside the personality and all it’s quirks, so that one may clearly see what is actually occurring within another person or a given situation. It will also assist in clearing out any part of the past, in this life or others, that one is still carrying but needs to let go of.

Lapis Lazuli needs to be recharged under the light of the stars.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Sagittarius

Associations: Jupiter

Birthstone: Traditional Birthstone for the Month of

Lapis Lazuli gives the power of friendship and helps to make decisions.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Lapis Lazuli is ruled by Jupiter and will aid one in balancing, cleansing, and unification of all the Chakras for the purpose of maintaining perfection with The One.  It will assist in awakening the Third Eye to tap into ones intuitive strength and psychic abilities.

Must be used with care if one is going to place it directly on the Third Eye.

It acts as an ally for those which desire to enter the “void” to obtain information and knowledge on the unseen aspects of life, and help to repair the aura.