Larimar Properties



Stone of Personal Freedom

This stone is known by many ‘names’ : The Atlantis Stone, The Dolphin Stone, Stefilia’s Stone. It is in fact a lovely variety of Pectolite.  Found only in the Caribbean blue waters around the Dominican Republic.

Told to have first been discovered in 1916 in the southwest of the Dominican Republic by a Spanish born priest of the name Miguel DOmingo Fuertes Loren, who it is said to have reported the discovery to the Archbishop, but no mining action was taken at the time.  Said then to have been discovered by a Peace Corp. worker in 1974, Mr. Mendez, it was given it’s name for his daughter Lari for ‘Larisa’ and Mar from the Spanish for ‘Sea’.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 7 with a monoclinic crystal structure

Scientifically, Larimar is a truly unique gemstone, in it’s mineral content as well as it’s chemical make up.  The coloring is due to copper, much like Turquoise, but this is where that connection ends.

After is discovery in 1974, it was analyzed by geologists as well as the Smithsonian Institute, and all agreed that the Larimar stone had volcanic origins and therefore belongs to the family of Pectolite. Larimar being the only blue or teal colored Pectolite to this day.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Larimar is said to represent peace, clarity, healing, and love. Offering one a glimpse of oneself from outside the realm of personal reality, and inspiring one to work towards the actualization of one’s true spiritual reality.  This in turns helps one to see and understand many different points of view, with value and respect to all, even to those which do not align with one’s own.

Said to bring the gentle, soft, healing energy of the sea to open one’s heart and mind. Soothing and uplifting emotions, relieving fear, hurt, trauma, depression and pain; and assisting with one’s patience, acceptance, and simplicity.

Larimar is said to open creative channels in one’s own life and is a wonderful talisman for artists of all mediums.  Helps true soul mates to find one another while healing any negative karmic energy between them.  Allows for open communication between souls, lovers, and friends.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Larimar is used to promote healing of the upper body, especially with dis-harmony of the heart and nerves.  Assists one in remaining calm, to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, constricted joints, and blocked arteries.

Used for ailments such as cartilage in the neck and throat conditions. If placed direction on a painful spot, Larimar will quietly and gently draw out the pain.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water/Akasha
Planet: Neptune
Candle Color: Pale Blue or White

Due to the fact that Larimar is a very recent discovery, there is not much written about it’s magical properties. Truly, there is not much written about the Pectolite family either. If there are folks with personal experience with the Larimar, we would appreciate any input you may have.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Pisces

Associations: Neptune

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Larimar is known to remove attached energy entities form one’s body by simply placing it on the Third Eye, or stoking the stone over the chakras from Base to Crown.

Told to stimulate the 4th, Heart, 5th Throat, 6th Third Eye/Brow and 7th, Crown Chakras promoting self healing on all levels, but especially dissolving energy blockages in the check, neck and head.

Also clearing one’s Meridians.