Prehnite Properties



Stone of Divine Knowledge

A Dutch colonel, H. Von Prehn, is credited with discovering Prehnite in 1774 at the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. Early traders nicknamed the gemstone Cape Emerald in hopes of exploiting its green color. Prehnite was originally classified as a Zeolite, due to the fact that it usually forms in the same areas and under similar conditions as the zeolite. Today geologist place it in the phyllosilicate category which also includes apophyllite.

Prehnite is a fairly strong crystal, quite resistant to pressures and scratching. It is composed of aluminum, calcium and silicon with a few specimens containing small trace of iron as well. It is considered a secondary or second stage mineral, meaning that the crystal did not form during the initial volcanic activity, but instead the crystals were form by events caused by the volcano, much after the fact.

Initially Prehnite was rare, South Africa being the only known location for many, many years. Eventually pockets of the stone were found throughout the world, including the US, Canada, Austria, Germany, France and India.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 6 with a orthorhombic crystal structure

Often an oily bright green, Prehnite may also range from pale yellowish to a brown coloring. Columnar or tabular crystals are quite rare; they only occur more usually as aggregates of barrel shaped crystals or as botryoidal masses. Some pale yellow brown prehnite is fibrous enough to be cut en cabochon and may show the cat’s eye effect.

Prehnite is found in basaltic volcanic rocks, in intrusive igneous rocks, and in some metamorphic rocks as well. The pale green masses have been found in Scotland, dark green or greenish brown in Australia, and aggregates of crystals in France.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Prehnite is quite a protective stone. It can protect one on all levels, as it strengthens the life force and generally increases energy as well as stimulating it. It aids spirit communication through meditation and visualization, out of body travel and as a powerful dream stone.  It is also known as a stone of prophecy which stimulates inner knowing of oneself. It is a very accepting stone, encouraging analytical thinking and helps to dispel unpleasant memories.

Prehnite crystals will help to teach one to let go of old memories that are painful. If there has been avoidance of the truth due to pain, these crystals will assist you in facing, understanding, and ridding yourself of that pain. It will help one to recognize the true potent ional that lies within, your divine self. It will guide in fulfilling this potential, even if it is through a mundane life; it eases acceptance of circumstance without allowing the surrender of dreams.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Physically, prehnite is most helpful in the healing of  gout, anemia and kidney problems. It will also aid in the healing of toxin removal, stimulating the metabolism as well as regenerating the body.

Healers use Prehnite’s memory skill in aiding with diagnosis of patients, if you have a patient that is particularly difficult to diagnose, have them carry this stone for one month, when they return the crystal, use it during meditation to tap into the stone’s memory.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Powers: Psychic & Dream Work
Candle Color: Pale Green

Prehnite is useful with psychic work, working within the astral realms as well as exploring one’s past lives.  Breaking down barriers in all planes allowing easy interpretation  of the information that is presented.  Also allowing for deep dream work when used with a dream pillow.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Libra

Associations: Venus

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month

Prehnite shows one the way forward in spiritual growth.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Prehnite is said to be of assistance with work on the 4th, Heart Chakra as well as the 6th, Third Eye/Brow Chakra