Rhodonite Properties



Stone of Unconditional Love

Rhodonite has quite a distinct pink or rose red base color, although stone containing black and colored veins is more popular than the uniformly pink stones.  Told to be given to travelers in ancient times as protection, said to increase one’s heartbeat when imminent danger is perceived.

The word rhodonite is said to be derived from the Greek wordrhodos for ‘rose’, although there is also reference that credits an ancient Celtic word rhod, which means ‘wheel’, as the origins of this stone’s name.

This is a stone that is an emotional balancer that is said to nurture love as well as encourage the brotherhood of humanity; having the ability to show one both sides of an issue to assist one to be more clear about coming to a conclusion in any disagreement.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 5.5-6.5 with a triclinic crystal structure.

Rhodonite is in many ways similar to Rose Quartz being a silicate/quartz composite. It is manganese that brings out the rosy color Rhodonite is known for. Although, unlike Rose Quartz, Rhodonite forms slowly and more patiently, allowing the manganese to meld and morph with a number of other minerals such as calcium and aluminum during the sedimentary process. When the manganese is exposed it will oxidize and as the minerals weather together this is the process that creates the lovely colored veins.

It is a very strong gemstone it rarely forms into actual crystals. Fine triclinic specimens have been located in Sweden, and the Eastern US has yielded the occasional drusy clusters, but not very often.

A fairly common stone, it is found in several areas of the United States.  Worldwide Rhodonite is found in Australia, British Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Madagascar, Japan, New Zealand as well as several other regions.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Rhodonite is a stone of self-confidence born out of trust in one’s own heart, voice and choices.  Assists one in expressing confidence and loving emotions on a physical plane daily with those in one’s life, as well as affording calm energy to the soul directly though the heart with service and love.

Simply holding or carrying Rhodonite promotes calm and relaxation, bringing one a sense of well-being, allowing one to properly process chaotic situations and patiently assess one’s options before making a decision.  It strengthens one’s resolve, helping one to be more determined in the walk of life. This is a gemstone that is used to clear all psychic centers quickly and smoothly.

Rhodonite is a stone that is said to remove or clear away emotional wounds from one’s past – whenever that past may be. It resonates with forgiveness and will assist one in the reconciliation of long term pain, abuse, betrayal and abandonment.  With the ability to promote unselfish self-love allowing one to understand personal responsibility for the pain that has not been let go; Rhodonite has the ability to heal that deep emotional pain while still offering a supportive energy to one’s soul during the process to protect against further discomfort.

Healing Gemstone Properties

By reducing stress and calming one’s mind, Rhodonite can ease physical and emotional shocks and traumas. Especially emotional scars remaining from old wounds. It will enhance self-esteem, confidence and the energy levels of both the body and the mind, helping one to begin to accept the healing relief of full forgiveness.

Rhodonite may also assist in the balancing and healing of the nervous system, thyroid, pituitary gland as well as the body’s reflexes. It will strengthen the immune system and aid the heart, used in the treatment of inflammation of the joints, strep throat infections, and arthritis as well as light sensitivity.

Sometimes called the “rescue stone” it has been said to aid victims of sudden physical attacks recover more quickly and completely if one carries Rhodonite during the convalescence.  Wounds or cuts are said to heal more quickly with less scarring if a stone is placed directly on the injury.

Psychic and intuitive healing is said to hold the same traits when Healers use Rhodonite as a companion stone.  It will protect one from being injured or permanently damaged  by the negative energies that Healers work with. Rhodonite affords the healer strength to remain consistently focused with intent during the healing work.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Mary Magdalene, Venus
Powers: Love, Clarity & Peace
Candle Color: Rose Pink

Rhodonite is a stone to be worn or carried to ward off negativity, to remain calm, cast off confusion and doubt as well as in-coherency.

If one finds that there are excessive interruptions, being the recipient of unwanted physical or astral visitors or energies, or just need time to oneself; Rhodonite is the stone to aid in this situation.  Worn or carried it will help one shut down psychic centers, ward off negativity and a solid psychic shield.  This is especially helpful for those spiritual seekers who live or work within a busy metropolitan space.

Will aid in giving an aura of elegance and grace, keeping one’s dignity and temper during times of stress, it will help to relieve anxieties and help to reach one’s maximum potential.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Taurus

Associations: Venus

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any Month

To dream of Rhodonite indicates stress or pain in one’s life that needs to be released.

Chakra Gemstone Properties

Rhodonite is most effective for stimulation, clearing and activation of the 4th, Heart Chakra; as it will provide grounding of the physical and mental energies simultaneously.