Rutilated Quartz Properties

ˈrü-ˌtēlatd  kwȯrts

Rutilated Quartz: The Crystal of Purification

While most varieties of quartz are valued because they lack inclusions, Rutialted Quartz is highly sought after because of inclusions!  Rutilated quartz is transparent rock crystal with golden, copper, brown, or silver needles of Rutile arrayed in patterns inside. Every pattern is different and some are simply beautiful.

Found in transparent, translucent, and opaque forms. Varies in color from white to brown to green to yellow and even violet; although it’s most common color is a lovely yellow/green/teal.  Its crystal form is hexagonal and glassy in appearance. It has also been found in chatoyant form called “Asparagus Stone” in a yellow/green color.

What are the Scientific Properties of Rutilated Quartz?

Mohs Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure.

Rutile derives its name from the Latin rutilus, red, in reference to the deep red color observed in some specimens when viewed by transmitted light.

Rutilated Quartz is a quartz mineral made mainly of titanium dioxide. Natural rutile may contain up to 10% iron and significant amounts of niobium and tantalum.

Rutile has among the highest refractive indices of any known mineral and also exhibits high dispersion. One of its most outstanding physical properties is that is has a remarkably high refractive index which makes it to disperse plenty of light more than any other mineral known to mankind.

What are the Metaphysical Properties of Rutilated Quartz?

Rutilated quartz is also purported to enhance mental and physical stability, self-reliance, and meditation on feminine ideas. It is reputed by intuitives and folklore to diminish fears, depression and issues with decision-making.

Rutile is said to intensify the metaphysical properties of its host quartz crystal (see the metaphysical properties of clear quartz or smoky quartz). Rutilated quartz is also said to enhance one’s understanding in difficult situations, thus facilitating timely and appropriate solutions. It is also said to relieve depression and loneliness, and to help provide new direction and enhance creativity.

In the psychic and spiritual realms, rutilated quartz is used for meditation, spiritual communications, and dream work. It is particularly good for seeking higher spiritual experiences and meditation on feminine ideas. Rutilated quartz is also used metaphysically to deflect negative energies and unwanted energetic, psychic, and magical interference.

What are Metaphysical Healing  Properties of Rutilated Quartz from Ancient Lore?

Rutilated Quartz is a very strong healing stone, but it takes some practice and patience to gain control over it’s energy so it may be properly directed.  If the rutiles are silver often the energy may be of a gentler nature, although if they are gold or even reddish the energies are a bit tough for one to control.

Told to assist in tissue regeneration, boost the immune system and slow the ageing process.  Will assist the body in the assimilation of nutrients; working with any food disorders, and allowing the body to tap into physical energy when one feels sluggish.

What are the Magical Properties of Apatite?

Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Candle Color: Gold

Rutilated Quartz is an energy stone as it is born of Quartz, and may be worn during rituals, or placed on the altar to increase the effectiveness of one’s intention.  Said to increase clairvoyance by allowing one to pierce through layers of physical, emotional and mental density to lead one in the right direction.

What are the Zodiac/Astrological Properties of Rutilated Quartz?

Zodiac Stone of:  Taurus & Leo

Associations: Sun

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month