Sapphire Properties


Stone of Prosperity

Sapphire is the second hardest crystal that Mother Earth has given us. Second only to the Diamond. Many of the large Sapphire deposits are literally the remains of metamorphic or igneous veins of granite and marble weathered away into stream beds and mountain valleys. Sapphire being stronger than granite or marble survive the weathering and large amounts of the gemstone are simply gathered from gem gravels in Burma, Thailand, Australia, North America, Brazil, Kashmir and Africa.

Sapphire’s beauty and enduring strength historically made it quite popular as a talisman among royalty. Legend tells us that medieval kings wore the stone not only to protect themselves from harm, but also to prevent jealousy among their court. A Sapphire worn to the signing of a treaty was believed to ensure a true reconciliation and prevent further bloodshed.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 9 with a trigonal crystal structure.

Sapphire is a corundum, all corundum that is not colored red (which is Ruby) is referred to as Sapphire; although the name generally eludes to the stone which is a dark shade of blue.

There are but trace amounts of minerals which separate this crystal into different gemstones. Corundum is an aluminum oxide crystal that became included with a variety of minerals to produce a rainbow of colors. Chromium will turn the crystal red, classifying it as a Ruby.

The treasured blues come from Titanium and Iron, Iron alone produces yellows, often times referred to as Oriental Topaz. Titanium and Iron combinations can also result in greens, while all three elements unbelievably create a purple crystal. A rare and popular Padparadscha Sapphire gets is pinkish orange hues from a mixture of Chromium and Iron. A white Sapphire is perfectly clear with no inclusions whatsoever.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Sapphire was used as protection from the evil eye as well as to reflect harmful or evil spells back to the sender. Legend tells us that Magicians were known to utilize the gemstones to enhance and direct their magical powers, that Alchemists associated the Sapphire with the element of air, and Mystics in India gave it the affiliation with Saturn, believing it to be a portal to the heavenly realms.

Sapphires may be used to open oneself up to receive heavenly messages as well as aiding one in clarifying the specific meaning of the messages received.  When used during meditation Sapphire may assist one find hidden potential, and sharpen the vision of one’s life work, it will help one to concentrate and to clear a mental path so that the journey may begin.

Sapphires can help one work to achieve material dreams and desires, as well as sustain wealth once it is acquired. It will also be of assistance in keeping a balanced perspective, allowing one to better organize the thought processes, ensuring continued success as one’s material situation evolves. Said to attract gifts of all kinds and to bring general prosperity.

Helping to promote fair play and loyalty amongst partners and employees, as well as bring about correct conclusions to potentially unjust situations, when one is in the right.  The yellow sapphire is a wonderful and gentle for working through lingering wounds of childhood abuse, providing a protective golden shield during the healing process and allowing  for safe expression of the words required to release the pain.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Sapphire is the most effective healing stone for the nervous system. Told to regulate the function of the thyroid gland, strengthening the walls of the blood vessels, improves their elasticity and assist in the flow of blood.

Sapphire may be used to rid one of obsessive or unwanted thoughts to bring peace of mind and joyous feelings. It brings lightness with the joy, with exceptional understanding and depth of thought.  As well it healing the eyes of stress and impurities for clearer vision.

It offers on a psychological level, clarity of thought which in turns offers the patient focus and instills the intent to heal, assisting in healing on all levels of the body.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Saturn
Powers:  Psychic Power, Defensive Magic, Prosperity
Candle Color: Dark Blue

The Greeks identified the sapphire with Apollo, and the stone was worn when consulting oracles such as the famous one at Delphi.

If you engage in vision work or channeling, the sapphire will aid you in better understanding what has been revealed to you, as well as in articulating those messages in a way that will be the most beneficial for the receivers. Healers can use a green or yellow Sapphire is a similar way, directing and focusing the incoming energy to achieve the best results for the patient.

Sapphire should be discharged and at the same time recharged in sea salt, if at all possible avoiding exposure to the sunlight.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Pisces, Taurus, Gemini and Libra

Associations: Moon

Birthstone: Modern & Traditional Birthstone for the month of September, Ayurvedic Birthstone for the month of August, Mystical Birthstone for the month of May.  Anniversary Stone for the Years: 5th, 45th, 65th and 70th.

Blue sapphire is linked to Pisces, light-blue to Taurus, yellow to Gemini and star sapphire to Libra.

Sapphire is most effective on the forehead to work with the 6th, Third Eye/Brow Chakra to expand psychic awareness. Blue, purple and white Sapphires all are excellent for activating the 7th, Crown Chakra and clearing a path for the Kundalini to move freely through all your chakras.

White – activates the  7th, Crown Chakra  taps hidden potential and help guides you to your life’s work, makes an excellent personal power stone

Blue – wonderful meditation tool, opens the 6th, Third Eye/Brow Chakra and assists in translating the meaning of messages received, also helps the 5th, Throat Chakra to  communicate the information to others

Lotus (Padparadscha) – opens up the 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra, aids healers, associated with Grandfather Sun

Yellow – another good healer’s crystal, beneficial for healing childhood trauma, or assisting children through difficult illnesses, works well in abundance medicine working with the 2nd, Sacral Chakra.

Green – these crystals have strong restorative energies, will activate and balance the 4th, Heart Chakra also good for prosperity energies

Purple – if one channels or works with the divination arts, a purple Sapphire may help clear a path so that messages are received with greater clarity, raising spiritual awareness and stimulating the Kundalini through meditation.