Silver Properties


Mineral to Grant Advantage

While Gold is beautiful, impressive and inspires power; the calmer, more tolerant attitude that surrounds Silver is more enjoyable and pleasant. Like gold, silver symbolized wealth and prosperity, Silver is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving as well as healing.

While Gold and Bronze may have made an earlier introduction in Human history, Silver’s impact is no less significant. Quite early in that history it was noticed that liquids kept in Silver containers remained fresh and pure longer. In fact a Persian king, Cyrus the Great took an unusual approach to his subjects’ physical health. During his reign, between 550-529 BC, he set up one of the first boards of health and established a medical dispensary. As well, drinking water was drawn from a special stream, boiled and then stored in massive Silver containers.

Numerous legends, traditions and myths have grown up around this bright reflective mineral. Certain purification rites practiced by the Egyptians called for special basins made of Silver. Such practices even find their way into contemporary rituals as well. With Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran religions, their chalices for mass must be constructed of Gold, Silver or Vermeil.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 2.5 with a cubic crystal structure

The first Silver mines were in an area call Antolia, which is near what we know call Turkey. In 900 BC the Larium mines by Athens Greece began operation, these mines would produce most of the world’s Silver for upwards of 1,000 years. Rome mined all their Silver in Spain, depleting those mines by the middle ages.

Today the top producing countries in the world are Mexico, USA, Canada, Russia, Peru and Australia. Silver is also found in Bolivia, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

The largest piece of native Silver ever is a massive specimen that weighs 844 pounds that was found near Aspen Colorado. The Coeur d’Alene mines in Idaho are the largest producers of the mineral in the world, digging out a total of one billion ounces since it began operation in 1880.

In our modern life we have found many practical uses for the versatile physical properties of this metallic crystal. It is highly malleable and ductile, meaning it can be stretched and pounded to extreme limits. An ounce of Silver can be stretched into a 30 mile long wire; it can also be pounded into a thinness of 1/100,000 of an inch. It has the highest optical reflective qualities of any metal, making it very useful in mirrors and solar energy. It is resistant to extreme temperatures and exhibits excellent conductivity, so it is used in switches, batteries, coatings and endless list of electronic applications.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Silver is told to bring advantage to it’s wearer throughout life. It is used to conjure patience and perseverance to the wearer, and it used extensively with gemstones due to the fact that the metal attracts and retains the qualities emitted by the stones.

It is known to enhance the powers of the moon, particularly during the full and new moons. Throughout the world it is identified with the lunar manifestations of the Great Mother, the eternal goddess. As the metal is reflective, as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so does silver reflect negativity from the wearer. Tiny silver globes, or any sliver jewelry can be worn for magical security; used to provide protection again evil intent, reflecting spells of harm back to the sender.

Silver can also be used to enhance one’s psychic abilities, as it is a psychic-influencing metal. When worn it stimulates one’s psychic awareness but simultaneously lulls the conscious, so as not to overwhelm. Donning silver jewelry before sleep is another method of producing psychic dreams. If the piece is set with moonstone or other gemstone with psychic properties the effects will be more powerful.

Healing Gemstone Properties

There is a long history and tradition of healing associated with Silver. It is believed that Silver is antibacterial of sorts. A disinfectant for the human body that boosts your immunity. Several resources suggest that this metal, when ingested, kills anaerobic (nitrogen breathing) bacteria which can be quite beneficial. This practice allows aerobic (oxygen breathing) bacteria survive, which are very good, especially for digestion.

In many ancient cultures, silver was used to purify water and in the prevention of festering of wounds. In 1884 a Dr. Crede discovered that silver had the ability to cure a disease that had been responsible for causing blindness in thousands of babies.

Energy workers will find this metal a wonderful conduit for sending energy to a patient. It can also be used to help channel the energies of gemstones in healing, particularly: Turquoise, Carnelian, Moonstone, Amethyst and Quartz are excellent healing stones to channel with Silver.

This mineral should also be beneficial in treating some infectious diseases, like hepatitis or the flu, and may help cleanse your blood and correct chemical and hormonal imbalances if used properly. In more traditional medicine it is used for dental fillings and fittings, as well as surgical implants.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Deities: Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene, Lucina
Powers: Invocation, Love, Psychic Abilities & Peace
Candle Color: Silver

More than two thirds of the world’s civilizations use silver, or silver coated coins as money, and a great deal of the remainder do at least a portion of their bartering with silver, which is why silver is used extensively in money drawing magic.

Gemstones that you are working with are more powerful set or wrapped in silver. It has almost no vibrational impact on the stones, quite the opposite in fact, it will enhance the connection between the wearer and the stone, allowing for a gentle flow of energy between the two. It is said that over time that the silver will in fact absorb and reflect the same energy as the stone it is set in.

Place a piece of this mineral on your forehead to activate and open your Third Eye Chakra to aid in seeing. As well, a silver bracelet worn around the wrist of your receptive hand will aid you in receiving channeled information and drawing certain energy forms.

Use the Lunar qualities of your Silver to balance your life; growing what is good and necessary while voiding whatever causes you harm or prevents your evolution. Let it perform like a psychic mirror, allowing you to see your life from the outside. View this new perspective without judgment, but with a purer knowledge of what is best for your highest good.

Practitioners of astral travel may like using Silver as an anchor as they move from one reality to another. It provides a kind of energy beam or signal trace that allows you to always “see” where your physical body is. So you aren’t distracted by the fear of not being able to return.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Cancer

Associations: Moon

Silver works well on all Chakras, and when combined with other gemstones may in turn stimulate the Kundalini energy and help one to enjoy full development.