Sugilite Properties


Stone of Forgiveness & Acceptance

Sugilite is a fairly recent discovery in the realm of gemstones; discovered in 1944 by a Japanese scientist named Dr. K Sugi.  Although the most significant find to date was in the Kalahari Desert of northern Africa in 1975.

Sugilite is said to bring about the important realization of the connection between the well being of the physical body and the well being of the mind at one time. It is said to represent the perfection of spiritual love that is of “All That Is” and facilitating the manifestation of that energy to the physical/planetary plane.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 6.5-7 with a hexagonal crystal structure.

Sugilite does not form well shaped crystals, but they are generally massive allowing more opportunity to cultivate more specimens in distinctive purple shades. The polished gems are generally opaque with an almost waxy luster with a deep violet-purple coloring.

Sugilite has been described as a purple turquoise (as visually they may appear siblings) but there is no relation between the two minerals at all. Some Sugilite has been cut into gemstones, but these are very rare and not as beautiful as the cabochons or polished stones.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Sugilite may assist one in remembering the reasons for being in the physical body, for living in this chosen physical destiny. Sugilite helps one in the understanding of negative circumstance by showing one what is happening, and how the experience is out of balance, as well as allowing the energy to bring it back into balance.

Sugilite will help one to forgive oneself as well as others, enhancing the understanding of the lessons which have been chosen for one to learn on this particular visit to this particular physical plane. Helping one to believe in oneself, specifically if there is an inherent and stable uniqueness which one manifests and may not necessarily be universally accepted.

Psychologically beneficial for misfits of any kind, such as those who may feel as if the earth is not their true home. Sugilite assists in connecting the physical to the spiritual, it aids in understanding the spiritual reasons for the lessons we encounter, as well as bringing loving comfort from the Universe to accept the lessons for what they truly are. This gemstone will help one to follow one’s dreams and to move to higher levels of being.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Physically, Sugilite may benefit one that suffers great pain. Being a wonderful pain reliever,  by clearing headaches and discomfort on many levels by bringing the brain and the nerves into alignment.

Sugilite is also told to dissipate anger, stress, frustration and other negative energies from oneself and others, those which create a misalignment in our beings.

Sugilite will also assist in aligning with the All, bringing one near to spiritual perfection.

Sugilite is so full of energy that it never needs to be charged, but it must be discharged at least once a month placed amongst hematite stone overnight.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Mercury & Jupiter
The All
Power:  Psychic Power, Spirituality & Wisdom
Candle Color: Royal Purple

Sugilite opens the mind and subconscious to higher influences. It is a very powerful channeling stone, and will aid in using one’s psychic powers.

The vibrational energies of sugilite are best utilized by wearing small stones in jewelry. this give a constant flow of the stones magical qualities directly into the aura. However if you are not greatly interested in spiritual goals, you may wish to bypass this stone all together, as it is quite powerful.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Virgo

Associations:  Jupiter

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month

Sugilite is a symbol of self control. To dream of Sugilite suggests that one’s spiritual guides and teachers are attempting contact and more attention needs to be paid to be open to the messages.

The energy of the Sugilite vibrates from the 1st, Base Chakra to the 7th, Crown Chakra.  It balances, heals and attunes all Chakras and the physical areas associated with them, which in turn allowing a pathway for free movement of the Kundalini energy.

Please use with caution as one is not always ready for this type of immediate alignment.