Tanzanite Properties


Stone of Magic

Tanzanite is truly a Lavender Zoisite was discovered in 1967 at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro, in Tanzania Africa, hence it’s name. It’s color comes from the presence of vanadium. It was discovered by the Vice President of Tiffany’s, which had exclusive rights to tell the stone originally.

A quite beautiful, delicately tinted stone, tanzanite will no longer be available when the major mines in Tanzania are depleted, and they are nearly exhausted already.

Both yellow and green zoisite have been found in Zanzania, but their gem quality is not quite that of the tanzanite.

Scientific Gemstone Properties

Mohs Hardness of 6.5 with a orthorhombic crystal structure

It is the presence of vanadium which creates the incredible color(s) of the Tanzanite. These crystals have quite a distinct property known as plechroism, meaning that they can appear as more than one color when viewed from different angles. Tanzanite can be see as purple, grey, or blue; and when viewed under an incandescent light the stones may even appear more violet, mingling the blue and purple in a most magical manner.

Tanzanite is from the family of  Zoisite.

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Tanzanite is commonly known not just as the Stone of Magic, but also  the “workaholic’s stone”, as many who are drawn to it seem to possesses this personality trait, and Tanzanite will help one slow down and take things a bit easier or calmer. This slowing down will assist in concentration, which will in turn will bring success in more areas of one’s life. It is very balancing for highly active people, balancing and smoothing out extremes in one’s personality.

Tanzanite relieves stress and enhances composure and poise as well as harmony. It opens one up to the Spirit/Psychic realms assisting in the understanding of why things are happening in life giving one the awareness and insight one needs to move steadily in the necessary direction to achieve one’s intended destiny.

Healing Gemstone Properties

Physically Tanzanite is extremely helpful for any and all stress related illnesses, high blood pressure in particular.  It is told to assist one in the ailments that created the “frenzied” way in which many live.  Known to overcome fear, worry and anxiety. Said to be very protective, it will impart the sense of feeling safe, thus uplifting the feelings, which makes one happier, more compassionate, more loving, trusting and centered within oneself. This is the Tanzanite’s remedy for depression; it is known to both dispel as well as transmute negative energy.

Said to restore vitality to the physical being, encouraging cell regeneration Tanzanite will improve hair and skin as well as slow down the aging process and increase one’s inner light, helping one to see the next level of personal spiritual evolution.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive & Projective
Element: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit
Planet: Earth
Mother Goddess, Father God
Powers:  Magic, Love, Healing
Candle Color: Violet

Excellent for meditation as it increase spiritual awareness on all levels. Tanzanite allows one to be more sensitive to psychic experiences initially by opening the upper chakras and then the Third Eye. A high vibration stone, Tanzanite shall provide links to both the angelic realms as well as to one’s own spirit guides.

A very magical stone, it may connect one psychically with the Ancient Wisdom; especially that of indigenous cultures who have spiritually remained virtually unchanged for thousands and thousands of years. Tanzanite is a wonderful stone for guided visualizations, either alone or with a group to help one explore other spiritual planes.

Tanzanite stimulates clairaudience, enhances one’s psychic abilities and expands mental sight. Assisting one to start solving some of the questions relating to the meaning of life, who we really are and why we are here in this place in this time, in this chosen life.

Tanzanite may bring  more powerful magic than one is prepared for. One must be certain that when using this stone, one’s deeper innermost motives are positive or it is to be certain that any negative energy one sends out shall be returned three fold.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Stone of: Sagittarius, Pisces & Virgo

Associations: Jupiter

Birthstone: Modern Alternative Birthstone for December, Anniversary Stone for the 24th Year

Tanzanite begins by making the heart center more apparent to the mind, connecting an energy between the heart and Third Eye.  Tanzanite will activate and stimulate both the 4th, Heart & 5th Throat Chakras, bringing together all aspects of communication; then opening them to the 6th Brow Chakra connecting those energies to spiritual connectedness.

This activity will in turn stimulate, activated and open the Third Eye and all crown centers for clairaudience, clairvoyance, manifestation and psychic power.  Making this one very Powerful stone, as it also offers protections while on this journey.

Excellent for meditation as it increases spiritual awareness, and helps one to be more sensitive to psychic experience. When using this particular gemstone, be certain that your motives are positive or you may incur negative karma from your intentions.